Abd in the San Francisco Bay Area this week, for two weeks

I’m visiting my children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving, flying to San Francisco, November 14, scheduled to return to Massachusetts November 28. I will be meeting with researchers, as well. There’s a lot going on, a major shift in understanding developed around ICCF-21. It’s actually old stuff, but somehow remained obscure.

A new lab is starting up, run by a familiar face, but I’m not giving details until I have permission.

If you will be in the Bay Area, and would like to meet, contact me.

Meanwhile, I’ve prepared several transcripts from the ICCF-21 videos. Michael Staker’s presentation was a bombshell. It’s not the Fleischmann-Pons Heat Effect replication he did — though interesting, that has been done so, so many times — it is the metallurgy, the understanding of super-abundant vacancies, and, yes, that’s a thing: SAV.

This is not your grandfather’s metal hydride. We’ve gone beyond A and B and even C (gamma phase). This is getting interesting.

Staker’s video transcript, with abstract, slides, and time-links to the video.

Other video transcripts done:

Lines to ICCF-21 videos, plus abstracts and slides, are linked from ICCF-21/videos.