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8 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Stroke recovery is slow, but I’m seeing signs that it might even eventually be complete. What an adventure! I just gained access to this blog. The stroke and what then happened was a perfect storm but it only strengthened my faith in reality.

      1. Abd – I hope the recovery is complete. Your wisdom is needed in this world. It’s also going to be fun to see some “impossible” things become reality as the future unfolds.

  1. All the best Abd. And congrats with your law case, was a good investment.
    Crow describe it very well here:


    Wikipedia is merely a private website, now more than ever. That means that anyone who has examples of them abusing this absolute power to decide who is and is not on the inside, need to be assisted in getting their message out there.

    Vigilant celebrated like a mad man? Vig IS a madman, Abd

    1. Crow’s description was not legally accurate. The case did not actually decide that they have absolute power, but I abandoned the “implicit contract” claim as too difficult for this non-lawyer. That would be better as a class action, because the limitations of the TOS would apply, i.e. a limit of one year, San Francisco jurisdiction, and $1000 limit for damages. I sued the WMF over the publication of the ban, not the ban itself. Section 230 does not protect them with regard to what they publish. Truth is not an absolute defense, if the publication is with actual malice. So I, believing that I had grounds to reasonably suspect malice, claimed it. Whether or not that was merely conclusory was a judgment call and the judge ruled it so, thus leaving the WMF protected. If I had more direct evidence of malice, I would have been able to proceed. But I didn’t. Appeal would have been legally possible, but impractical because of the stroke. So Lomax v. WMF is over, but remains as a legal analysis of interest to some, and a collection of attested statements, from me.

      I offered to settle, probably for nothing more than a correction and my costs (cheap!), and I was willing to submit the ban question to neutral arbitration, but the WMF clearly didn’t care if they had made a mistake, being quite willing to spend what must have been thousands of dollars to establish — they think — that they can publish whatever they choose, no matter what harm it causes.

  2. To help prevent Abd from living on beans on toast during his attendance at the RvD court case, how about clicking the link below and making a contribution.
    It will be much cheaper than a flight to Miami and you wont have to sit there suffering all the endless smoke and fluff as each side tries to make themselves sound blameless.


    1. Trial 3 is a draft and not published yet. You should not need to log in to read posts or pages, if they have been published.

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