This is a message received as a contact form submission by one of my daughters, who has a web site. This is an example of the kind of harassment anyone who impedes the Smith agenda can expect. If anyone has questions about the claims in this mail, comments here are enabled. Suffice it to say, the implications of this mail are deliberate and malicious lies.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: [site host redacted]
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Form Submission – Contact – Abd ul-Rahman Lomax your father
To: [address redacted]

Name: Paul Davies

Email Address:

Subject: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax your father

Tell me about you!: Hi,

I am sorry to have to contact you. Is your father Abd ul-Rahman Lomax aka Dennis George Lomax?

Your father is involved in some very dark and disturbing things on the internet. For the last ten years he has been living a double life on the internet viciously attacking people and doxing people on his website. He has been banned on 7 websites for harassing others users. Recently he has been publishing disturbing articles that defend pedophilia. I am not sure if your father Abd Lomax is a pedophile but he has written articles defending pedophiles. He says he has adopted two young children but I do not understand how he could be fit to be looking after a child. He has a very dark disturbing online presence and he is online nearly all day attacking other people. He is an online menace.

There is a long article that factually documents your father’s internet abuse:

Your father uses the online username “Abd”. He has been globally banned on Wikipedia, Wikiversity and from the Wikimedia Foundation for harassing and attacking users.

Your father appears to be online almost everyday, all day doing this, it is not healthy. I am reaching out to you in good faith. Is there any chance you can try and get him off the internet? There are people who are looking to take legal action against your father because of the defamation he has been posting on specific people for years.

Your father’s block logs: (banned) (banned) (banned) (your father is on the global ban list)

Less than 30 people have been globally banned in the world by the Wikipedia Foundation. People only get globally banned for very serious criminal offenses. Your father was sending other users threats and posting in where they live on these Wikis. You father gets banned on nearly every forum or website he joins. He is involved in some very dark online activities and is known to create hundreds of accounts and impersonations of people to harass them. Your family are probably not aware of this. He will no doubt deny any involvement to you or make up excuses for the Rationalwiki article factually documents his internet abuse and his block logs can be found. He has been doing it for years.

I mean your father no harm, I suspect your father has some sort of mental illness, I just wish he would help himself by getting off the internet. He has been defaming people online for years. He argues with people everyday and harasses them on his blog, I have never seen him type a nice comment to anybody online. I do not know your father’s real life history but if his internet activities continue he may end up in a lot of trouble.

I recommend that your warn your family about this. As of this month March, 2018, your father has been spamming Rationalwiki users abuse. I would appreciate it if you would tell him to get off the internet, stop attacking our website and stop attacking people online. Thank you. I am not interested in email communication about this, I was just giving some friendly advice and trying to reach out to someone who knows him. He wont ever help himself, so maybe you could. Regards.


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