Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions asked in comments below may be added here with Answers being direct or by reference to blog pages.

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2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

    1. Thanks! When I get a Round Tuit, I will place a fundraising link on the Main Page here, that’s been requested/suggested. Meanwhile, links have been placed on LENR Forum and E-catworld. In a way, this is nicer, because it represents people lifting a finger to help, some of whom may have been contrary in views to mine. Some have written that they don’t mind me adding my nefarious or biased opinions (do I hold these.? Some think so!) as long as that doesn’t replace factual reporting.

      My opinion is that factual reporting is the most important thing we do, in all areas. Opinions and personal judgments are necessary for survival, but … Alternate views make the world go round (literally!) . Alternate facts create massive damage and endless arguments. I will, in reporting, as it appears at present, present summaries of what was said. These are actually a kind of opinion. Please feel free to question those summaries. By intention, they will be fact. And I intend to, in the trial reports, set off opinion and my explanations and comments in indented italics. Someone who doesn’t want to read my opinions will be easily able to skim or skip over that.

      AS elected officials are supposed to be, and even though I was elected as community reporter by default, I am a reporter for all the people, not just those who agree with me

      It is a bit distressing that the old Sifferkollian accusations that I am or have been paid by IH or “APCO” to create “FUD,” have been repeated on ECW by Ged, and he essentially claimed that this had been proven or admitted. (Sifferkoll made that claim, but the evidence he cited was blatant misunderstanding, typical for him.) Fortunately, Ged’s opinion is in the minority on ECW. Much of Planet Rossi has welcomed me, most particularly and very significantly, Frank Acland. Rossi himself has been cordial.

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