2020 January

There are claims that this site is a “honey pot” and dangerous. If anyone has evidence of malware or other problems with this site, please contact me, my Reddit account may be used for PM u/Abdlomax


See data for the last four months of 2019. Smith/throwaway Reddit trollsock activity continued in 2020.

General comments: My overall conclusion has become that there are two Smith brothers, in spite of some claims that this is only one user. The posting habits are quite visibly different. There is a set of special interests and the pattern is to register an account and immediate start promoting those very particular interests. 

  • Oliver D. Smith (generally open about this identity) is promoting his idiosyncratic views with highly repetitious argument, visible over many accounts, over time, but often based on RationalWiki articles that he wrote. Oliver Smith (see comments below) denies that most accounts are him, but has never been explicit about what actually is him. He is now banned on RationalWiki, under the user name Aeschylus. He wrote the RW articles on Emil Kirkegaard (as (BenSteigmans — an impersonation) (and is in court in the U.K. over defamation of Kirkegaard. His views on Kirkegaard are extreme extrapolation from thin evidence, often cherry-picked and taken out of context. He also wrote the article on Noah Carl (as Octo). Favorite targets include Kirkegaard, me, Arthur and Emblyn Kerensa, (RationalWiki techs who confronted him), and he is obsessed with Michael Coombs (who does actually harass him). Oliver Smith is welcome to present “his side of the story,” with “evidence,” as he claims “people believe.” I’d provide a page for it, at least. 
  • AP B, apparent twin brother of Oliver. Oliver has claimed that “there is no brother,” then explained that he does have a brother, but he is not active on the internet, and that his earlier references to his brother were lies. This is unlikely, given the behaviors seen. AP B (the alternate personality of Anglo Pyramidologist) became an anti-pseudoscience activist, and I became involved when he attacked the real Steigmann with impersonation accounts on Wikipedia, creating angry response to this user on Wikiversity. When I exposed this with requests for steward checkuser, and started to investigate what had happened, I became a new favorite target, and AP B created the RationalWiki article on me, — which they often cite — as Marky and many other accounts, and hosts of impersonation and trollsocks followed.
  • AP B also visibly coordinated complaints to the WikiMedia Foundation, with which Oliver cooperated, resulting in an office ban in early 2018, and I’m in U.S. Federal court over that. Not over the ban itself, but over publication — and the conspiracy to defame that was behind it.
  • Oliver is promoting a serious agenda of his own, and is persistent. Accounts he creates on Reddit tend to be used for a few days, with extensive posting, then the accounts are deleted, making it difficult to track. I tag these accounts for that reason, it makes them trackable even if the account is deleted.
  • AP B creates attack socks, promoting the Smith party line on targets, trollsocks, making sometimes scatological or blatantly offensive comments to derail discussions, and impersonation socks. Manul was, for example, a favorite name for him to use, as an impersonation of the Wikipedia user. Impersonated, in January, were an alleged ex-wife of mine (invented), Graaf Statler (also WMF office-banned), and MiisterMagico (a Wikipedia user), and perhaps others. AP B’s accounts typically make one or a few edits and are replaced by more accounts. This pattern has often been seen on RationalWiki. I was impersonated with many accounts, and that continues.
  • The Smiths in general promote highly deceptive defamation, and anyone who points that out fact on this is attacked as “supporting” alleged political positions of the defamed people. So here, for example, there is no evidence that, when examined fully, supports the claim that Emil Kirkegaard is a “child rape apologist,” but that story is repeated over and over. And in some places, readers buy it and react as if it is true.
  • The Smiths continue these behaviors because they work. 

I began tagging all these accounts last year, and collected them from September on, on the page linked above. I do not argue with trolls. I respond to regular users who raise issues. Remarkably, I tag all throwaway accounts in threads that are called to my attention, and they claim that these obviously verifiable claims are “lies.” 

It is not claimed here that every throwaway account found is a Smith. There are occasional impersonations, but the bulk and the flow is obvious, if studied. On Wikipedia, accounts like these would be immediately blocked as socks by the “duck test.”

The observed accounts and posts so far in 2020:

  1. RationalWikiAdmin
  2. Glad-Scarcity [deleted], some posts deleted
  3. Fair_Philosopher
  4. antitrollbuster
    • 22:50:29 27 Jan 2020 Slapfight involving Abd …
  5. Character_Wonder [deleted]
  6. jamiestevensons
  7. OliverSmithistrans
  8. earlylater
  9. beware7755tt
  10. AcceptableDoor9
    • 06:02:39 18 Jan 2020 Alt-right blogger Emil Kirkegaard […]
  11. Miistermagico
  12. RealMiistermagico
  13. PossibleInstruction5
  14. GateKeepers101
  15. ShadowMan1992
    • 18:55:40 27 Jan 2020 Slapfight involving Abd …
    • 18:42:27 27 Jan 2020 Alt-right blogger Emil …
  16. Jonez1994
  17. AgnosticfromIceland
    • 20:59:22 1 Feb 2020 … Wikipedia Sucks destroyed…
    • 21:09:30 1 Feb 2020
    • 21:21:28 1 Feb 2020 Slapfight involving Abd …
  18. CompetitiveWhereas4 [likely Oliver] 
  19. boneshifters [likely AP B]
  20. TrueMuslim1996
  21. stopthesocking
  22. TheTomFromNewYork
  23. ManulFromWiki (impersonation) 
  24. Metropolitan_99 [SPA, active in 2019]
    • 01:52:42 26 Jan 2020 Slapfight involving Abd …
    • 11:50:54 27 Jan 2020
    • 11:28:25 31 Jan 2020 Alt-right blogger Emil …
    • 14:55:44 1 Feb 2020 … Sucks destroyed …
  25. Due-Painter [deleted]
  26. MartinaLomax (impersonation) 
    • 15:24:01 3 Feb 2020 WiA: Please be nice to my ex-husband, Dennis Lomax
    • 05:43:30 4 Feb 2020
    • 13:55:06 4 Feb 2020
    • 00:08:43 4 Feb 2020 WiA: Page deletion manipulation
    • 01:28:48 5 Feb 2020 
    • 14:00:02 7 Feb 2020 r/Ketoscience
    • 03:13:20 13 Feb 2020 WiA [comment deleted]
    • 14:19:16 5 Mar 2020 WiA OP “Dennis Lomax (ABD) has been blocked again”[deleted as spam] 
    • 16:05:05 7 Mar 2020 WiA
  27. GraafStatler [deleted]
  28. nothappywithyou
  29. yougottalol
    • 20:32:46 7 Feb 2020 r/ketosis links to naked photo of man
  30. RareSlip
  31. EveryInevitable9 [deleted]
    • 23:25:24 8 Feb 2020
    • 23:27:32 8 Feb 2020
    • 23:30:08 8 Feb 2020 again claims I was banned.
    • 03:58:38 9 Feb 2020
    • 04:01:26 9 Feb 2020
    • 04:48:38 9 Feb 2020
    • 04:03:53 9 Feb 2020
    • 04:05:49 9 Feb 2020
    • 04:08:01 9 Feb 2020
    • 14:16:22 9 Feb 2020 pings mod with list of alleged “spams”, requesting ban.
    • 14:19:05 9 Feb 2020 spams exact same lengthy message as above.
    • [then this user massively spammed the sub, beginning after the above post, 23 posts. First new comment:]
    • 17:46:08 9 Feb 2020 — and then more spamming:
    • see subpage for 103 comments at last count, mostly long, highly repetitive. Many posts deleted. (all?), account deleted.
    • 21:46:48 9 Feb 2020 [deleted][probably this user]
  32. Cautious-Ability [deleted] 
  33. Smart-Guarantee
  34. Assist865566
  35. Holiday-Win
    • 08:07:51 14 Feb 2020 OP WiA “Abd Lomax harassing Wikipedia Sucks users”
    • 08:08:36 14 Feb 2020
    • 08:18:35 14 Feb 2020 r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM “Self-described “alt-centrist” 
    • 09:43:20 14 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax harassing Wikipedia Sucks users”
    • 10:02:50 14 Feb 2020
    • 10:47:37 14 Feb 2020
    • 11:37:53 14 Feb 2020
  36. Kumiokos affirmed impersonation 
    • 11:29:46 14 Feb 2020 OP WiA “Abd Lomax deleting my comments …”
    • 12:30:57 14 Feb 2020
    • 13:12:29 14 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax harassing Wikipedia Sucks users …” exact copy of above.
    • 14:46:17 14 Feb 2020 exact quote of Kumioko on Sucks.
  37. BoredBirds likely impersonation
    • 13:28:33 14 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax deleting…”
  38. Carrite_Sucks_Critic likely impersonation
  39. banallthetrolls
    • 20:08:12 14 Feb 2020 OP WiA “Abd Lomax is a vicious 75 year old internet troll …”
    • 20:11:29 14 Feb 2020
  40. goodmanfromheaven
    • 19:38:00 14 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax is a vicious 75 year old internet troll …”
  41. Aquantumphysics
    • 22:13:32 14 Feb 2020 WiA OP “Abd Lomax gives Richard Feynman lecture”
  42. notbelievingyous
    •  12:55:12  15 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax gives Richard Feynman lecture”
  43. theantitrollbuster
    • 14:29:23 15 Feb 2020 WiA “Abd Lomax gives Richard Feynman lecture”
  44. BountHunter1878
  45. destroyallpedophiles
    • 19:57:05  15 Feb 2020 “[redacted] …”
  46. WikipediaSucksForum
    • 21:46:24 15 Feb 2020 WiA OP “Graaf Statler banned from Wikipedia Sucks …”
  47. VigilantismforLife
    • 21:38:36 15 Feb 2020 “Abd Lomax is a vicious. . .”
    • 21:49:36 15 Feb 2020 “Graaf Statler banned …”
    • 21:59:36 15 Feb 2020 “Abd Lomax is a vicious. . .”
  48. Lomaxisracist
  49. emmalarsons
  50. SwampMetal
  51. ComfortableMission7
    • 23:11:25 15 Feb 2020 “Graaf Statler banned …”
  52. pleasstopthespammers
    • 14:08:36 15 Feb 2020 “Graaf Statler banned …”
  53. setian1024
  54. oishutupdude
  55. Iamseekingjustices
  56. streetpatrol
  57. Melodic_Historian
  58. allpedosshoulddie
  59. bustingthequacks
  60. wozanobody


Reddit throwaway handling

Because many throwaway socks are trolling, and DNFTT is standard advice, but also because documenting these accounts can be useful, my practice is to not respond to or argue with trolls, except that, because many of these vanish and then the patterns cannot be seen, I tag them with the user name and “throwaway account.”

I  only tag these accounts in related threads where the trolling behavior is clear. Mention of an account here is not a claim, in itself, that an account is any particular individual, but the vast majority of these accounts are, from behavior, Smith socks.

I will answer questions and generally respond to comments from regular redditors, or other accounts that do not appear to be trolling. 

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15 thoughts on “2020 January”

  1. My brother has a long-time impersonator known as Waller Joel aka MU. This individual has also create fake profiles of him on social media, Twitter account: eveshirammac (Darryl Forests)

    There’s numerous links about this individual:

    I think a large portion of the Reddit socking/trolling is him and he still impersonates my brother on UFO/paranormal communities and sceptic blogs.

    1. By the way, internet trolls do not impersonate people like your brother unless they are active. Again, your stories don’t work.

    1. Thanks, Oliver. Concealing the truth, when it’s relevant, and you know it, is a form of lying.

      When they talk about testimony, they talk about “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

      “Those accounts” is vague. All the accounts listed on the current version of the page? (this year on Reddit!)

      All the accounts listed over the last years on pages supra? All the accounts listed as “Smith” or “Anglo Pyramidologist” over the years on this site? We know some are yours. So which ones?

      You have previously claimed not to post on a site, but you did. I.e., it might have been true that day or week or month. It’s vague. Have you ever posted on Reddit? What accounts?

      That would still not be the “whole truth,” but it would be a start! There is someone engaged in very long-term socking and disruption, and you have been blamed for some of it that you did not do, unless you were lying when you claimed another was not involved. But by covering for and supporting that person, you become responsible as if you did it. You’ve been told that for years, certainly by more than me.

      1. I have a *single* social media profile on each major site i.e. one Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, DeviantArt and Gab etc (some are though almost inactive because I rarely log on.) I’ve never socked on any of these websites, ever. And it makes no sense I would, since I have good-standing verified profiles where I publish under my real name, Oliver D. Smith, and have done so for years. I don’t need to create anonymous sockpuppets when I write on social media websites under my real name – this is why your bizarre allegations about me make no sense and no third-party source will trust you if they investigate (not that they would since no one except you cares about this nonsense) – you’ve spent 2 years blaming accounts onto me I don’t own on a plethora of websites, with no evidence. It’s gotten very boring and repetitive.

        1. Sure it’s boring and repetitive. But someone keeps creating accounts that look like you, that write like you, and that you have acknowledged at various times. In the face of that, a blanket denial is meaningless.

          It’s not my job to determine who believes what I report, I just report what I see. Much of what you have called “lies” is just objective evidence, conclusions are distinct from that.

          I can be mistaken in reports, and also inconclusions, but claiming “no evidence” is utterly preposterous. Too much evidence, rather.

          I’m not saying that you are lying about specifics, but that you are not telling us the whole truth.

          Who created those RatWiki articles that you so much wanted deleted — or pretended to want deleted?

          Who created the blog you put up about Kirkegaard and wrote me about? And who argued at such length with Dysklyver on Reddit? It’s not enough for you to say “It wasn’t me.” Someone did those things.

          There are claims I created all those accounts to “make you look bad,” but — it wasn’t me, I have never created any impersonation socks — and an “impersonation sock” is designed to look like the person impersonated in some way, not merely that later you could look at it and see a resemblance and then claim it was an impersonation.

          How is it that you tolerated accounts later claimed to be impersonations for so long? No, Oliver, it’s not gonna work. Nobody believes you any more. Nobody. But, hey, Vigilant uses your material. Or is it yours? Who wrote the RatWiki article on me?

          1. People do believe me when I give my side of the story and (unlike you) provide evidence for my claims. You aren’t fooling anyone. You’ve not provided a shred of evidence for any of your allegations about me. As as example, I’ve not actually communicated with Dysklyver on Reddit -I only had brief email communication with them a year ago, yet according to you “I’m targeting Arthur and Emblyn Kerensa”.

            And as I said, I only use verified accounts/profiles using my real name, but if you want to continue believing a crazy conspiracy I own 5945095409 accounts on websites and “target” people I couldn’t care less about and haven’t spoken to a while… OK.

            The amount of lies and misinformation on this website is insane.

            1. I trust that this is the real Oliver D. Smith, not only from the email address (which I see), but also the IP is known Oliver IP, matching his known location. (which I also see, as any WordPress admin can). Since this person is claiming to be Oliver — and has a long history of commenting here, and even though impersonations abound — this is Oliver, the real deal.

              I will add a note to the page. Oliver, it would help if you would learn to be accurate. The vast majority of accounts I tag, I have not claimed are yours, but more likely your brother, but you always exaggerated the “crazy conspiracy.”

              You claimed at one time, in email to me, that most of the accounts were your brother. You acknowledged ZaFrumi was you, and that matches the evidence, ZaFrumi was not the crazy trollsock and impersonation sock master. But you also know who that mastger was, and you have lied about it, no matter how you slice it.

              If you did not communicate with Dysklyver, who did? Someone knew a great deal about you and your history, more than I’d expect from Mikemikev, for example. Has your brother been impersonating you?

              The sock master, whoever it is, is running two different personalities, one that resembles you, one that is pure troll — and “skeptic” activist, maybe paid, certainly claiming it.

              If you are not posting to Reddit, then there are either two trolls to be identified, or one, who partitions behavior to make one resemble you.

              Truth will out. I highly recommend learning to stand firmly in it, it is far safer, long-term, than the alternatives. Crying “lies” is not standing in the truth, not ever, because you don’t know another’s mind, at least you show no sign of such understanding, and “lie” is about intention, not fact.

              1. I came here from: https://notpoliticallycorrect.me/2019/11/06/hereditarian-reasoning-on-race/comment-page-1/#comment-17182 This post was linked to me by Mikemikev. I’m not involved in any of the Reddit drama/trolling/spats you have with other people. And as I pointed out on the above linked blog, I’m busy doing an MA module (to the extent I’ve not even had much time to play video-games or do my other hobbies recently) and have virtually zero interest in these Encyclopedia Dramatica style slap-fights that ended a while back. The mistake I made was engaging Mikemikev on the notpoliticallycorrect blog who followed me there. Mikemikev still follows me around online since he’s lonely, but I won’t be further responding to him. The owner of that blog can also see what sort of person he is and I think the fact he has labelled me a “Marxist terrorist” in the comments discredits him as a total nutjob.

                  1. I do not believe or disbelieve as a knee-jerk response. However, I looked at the discussion from whence you came, and do you imagine I’m inspired by what you wrote there? There are many issues which would need to be addressed for your story to make any sense, with the history involved. Why Waller Joel or whatever his name is would go to all the trouble to attack Ben and then me and Wikiversity, makes little sense. Who wrote the article? You had extensive interaction with your brother on RationalWiki, or both of you were impersonators there. Your emails with me were disclosed on RatWiki, in distorted form, by Debunking Spiritualism and that has never been explained. Oliver, you created a huge mess, and I’ve never seen you take responsibility for your role in it.

                    1. I’ve just received confirmation Emil Kirkegaard has been ordered to pay me back £13,500 in legal fees (his appeal to lower the amount was denied) and he now has 14 days to pay it back (if he has savings), or if he cannot pay declare bankruptcy etc. I’ll know very soon. http://wikipediocracy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=9711&start=100

                      I’m also informing my lawyer about your/Kirkegaard’s recent trolling and attacks on the Reddit threads I never posted on, but needless to say since he’s virtually lost the lawsuit and been ordered to pay me back thousands of pounds for losing the preliminary judgement, I don’t think anyone cares about the trolling and desperate false allegations about me.

                  2. While that is not impossible, it admits that the behavior being imitated-to-impersonate is that of your brother. Now, I’m willing to allow you a right of response, but if you call me a liar again, I pull the plug, you lose that right. I can make mistakes, and you may assert that I have, but “liar” is trolling, and bye-bye trolls.

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