Account Policies

List of unacceptable email addresses (or part of email address):
any domain used with obvious spamming intention, multiple users. A provider like might be used for a legitimate purpose, but the high number of registrations from it indicates that spammers are using it.

To request acceptance of a blacklisted domain address, explain the need in a comment here. No registration is necessary for comments. Give a user name with the request. Use the desired email address for that comment (but do not include email address in the actual comment). Initial comments are moderated, and admin here reserves the right to reject requests without further comment. Ubiquitous spam makes this necessary. Should you have an email address on “bestwrinklecreamnow” or the like, maybe there is a better address to use… Even if it’s the best wrinkle cream on the planet. But I’m not even going to look. I (Abd) like my wrinkles, anyway.

To register an account here, use the Register option in the META sidebar section.

All accounts must provide a working email address (which may be on an anonymous email provider like yahoomail or gmail). Accounts registered using an email provider that is actually a black hole will be deleted when these are noticed. Other accounts may occasionally be subject to an email verification, occasionally. If there is no response, the account may be deactivated, and, long term, may be deleted. This is not punitive and an account deleted for this reason may re-register, but should contact site administration by email, of course!

New accounts are given the Subscriber privilege, which allows reading the site, and posting comments for approval, but after there is one approved comment, these accounts may comment freely, subject to site content policies. Anonymous comment is also allowed, but fraudulent comments or gross violations of civility may result in sanctions (such as an IP-based ban).

Users who intend to make serious contributions to site content may request the Author privilege, which provides the ability to create posts and pages, to edit their own pages. until published, these are drafts and may also be private. Once published, these pages may not be deleted by the author, admin assistance should be requested. However, they may be edited to replace content with a note. Authors may upload files for use here. The Author privilege, because actions are reversible, i.e., it may be removed, may be granted with relative freedom.


1. All content here is subject to administrative review for civility and relevance. Critique should be limited to constructive purpose that serves the LENR community. Gratuitous insults and trolling will not be permitted if there is any objection. Review process will be provided for review of administrative decisions, and, generally, user content will not be fully deleted but will remain recoverable, and the writer of a post will generally be entitled to receive a copy of content that is proposed for full deletion.

2. Users will not be banned from this site, but privileges may be restricted, requiring approval of posts or comments. If a user is persistently disruptive, however, a defacto-ban may be created, where all content from the user is hidden or reclassified to a “junkyard.” The goal of administration on is always service to the community, not dominance of it.

If user contributions are considered by an administrator or editor to be disruptive, the user will be warned and guided, and the user will not be “punished.” The goal would be to assist the user in making positive contributions, while preventing and reducing harm.

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