Possible ODS

This is a list of accounts alleged to be socks of Michael Coombs (Mikemikev), by Oliver D Smith, on RationalWikiWiki, archived here.

… and then tagged by me as possibly Oliver D. Smith himself. See the page supra. New comments in italics.

      1. ANTIFAGuy agenda OS. Oliver has objected strongly to this because he is not “antifa,” but this is an account name, not a disclosure of account politics. Nevertheless, “Guy” in user names is a common Darryl Smith practice. I’ll stand with this possible identification, though from agenda and many details. In any case, not Mikemikev, no resemblance to Coombs patterns.
      2. Antifascist probable OS. Probably admits identity here and clearly the agenda is very much not Mikemikev.
      3. Apso2 OS [antiracialist, opinion appears to be Oliver’s, based on National Front comment. Not proof.]
      4. Arcticos openly Oliver, and see involvement with Smith agenda re me.
      5. Bertha_Hues likely OS [re-examining, I doubt this one, but then looked at the “signal.” I’ll stand with “likely.”]
      6. CharlieBass. looks like OS but I’m not certain. (no change)
      7. Cheeese. Very probably OS, but only one edit. Change “probably” to “likely.”
      8. Dan Grimy. From argument, OS Very much OS by argument.
      9. Dr. Witt. notice his last edit. If this is not Oliver, it would be Darryl. But the interests were those of Oliver.
      10. EgalitarianJay. OS started Coombs article full edit history backs that this is definitely not Mikemikev and could easily be Oliver.
      11. Gelzer undeleted contributions show Oliver agenda. Last contributions were trolling, massive attack on Mikemikev. This was not Mikemikev. Such trolling, though, is not common for Oliver. For sysops: DeletedContributions/Gelzer
      12. Igobymanynames. vitriolic troll but might be independent. Not Mikemikev.
      13. M87 clearly, and blocked as such on RW.
      14. Mrs Blintz clearly, and blocked as such on RW.
      15. Nick Lowles Fan clearly, and blocked as such on RW. But this could be Darryl. The venom is more typical of Darryl.
      16. Pringles clear, and signal.
      17. Schizophreniac Oliver has explicitly denied this account, claiming this was Mikemikev, but it’s not plausible. Quite some time after making edits that reflected Oliver interest, the account created a bio of Oliver on RatWiki, which was the kind of bio that Oliver would write about himself, rationalizing his views. It was not like other attack bios created by others. 
      18. Schizophrenic this account was active from Jan to Sept 2016, with clear Oliver interests.  The name would be sarcastic, long story. See here where that account was covered in detail, long ago. This was Oliver, there is no room for reasonable doubt. The account was blocked, 16 months later, as impersonation, by Debunking Spiritualism in his last flame-out. He was clearly Oliver’s brother Darryl (“DS”) , and he cited the blog page. But as is typical with links to this blog from the Smiths, an archive of a category display was used, which will rapidly become useless. 
      19. Scythes reviewing this, weak or incorrect. Without more detailed research, I am not confirming this, and it might be Mikemikev in a relatively sober moment. The account was short-blocked and went away.
      20. Tuna I’ll tag this “probable.” Possible crossover interests with Darryl.
      21. Vimpto. (Probable) Primary interest: me.
      22. Welliver This account was my first RatWiki tie-in to the impersonation socking on WMF wikis. One of the globally locked users uploaded an image of John Fuerst to Commons, and it was promptly used by Welliver on RatWiki. When I tagged that image on Commons, it was deleted and that caused an image on RatWiki to fail. You can see in my first edit to RatWiki in three years, at that time, what I’d found. The WMF account Englisc was globally locked. The RatWiki account only had that one edit; I’m convinced that Englisc was Oliver. Oliver had a strong interest in John Fuerst. There is still some mystery here, to me. I suspect steward checkusers seeing some connection between Oliver and Darryl, which happened before. All it would take is a visit to him of Darryl. I have some methods for sock identification that I have not applied in this case, yet.

Bottom line, these accounts were all listed as Mikemikev by Oliver. Oliver claims that only one was his (but does not specify which one). That is implausible, and he has lied about accounts before. Yet even if he is not lying, this would not make these accounts be Mikemikev, which is radically implausible. (And many accounts appear to be his brother from known Darryl interests.)

So Oliver has accused Mikemikev of being the owner of *many* accounts which were not his. Some of the accounts appear to be Mikemikev and those have been noted. There may be others possible. The Smith brothers created an enormous smokescreen and then blame everyone else for confusion. Many people, particularly article targets, were blocked on RatWiki because of Smith impersonation and trollsocking. All Oliver seems to care about is alleged “errors.” He ignores the substance.

(The impersonation socking may indeed not be Oliver, that was his brother’s MO.)

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