Blatant trolling continues to be allowed on lenr-forum

A couple of days ago I noticed a post from Zeus46, the second one below from a search of his Contributions since January 18. To be clear, this is all posts by Zeus46 from that period. These are not cherry-picked from a larger set. Conclusion (substantiated below): Lenr-forum moderation is tolerating trolling from some, including a moderator, and not from others. Here, the last six contributions of Zeus46 were trolling. 

Troll. The goal of a troll is to upset targets or communities, to make them or something dear to them look bad, for his own amusement (trolling from women is unusual); this can be distinguished from ordinary critique that does not have that goal. A troll will exaggerate fact and assert lies or speculations as if they were established truth; trolling is different from criticism in that the latter can be quite useful, whereas trolling is a major distraction, and the troll wins if the user does react, and especially if the user is sanctioned for being “uncivil,” and I have seen this clearly be considered a victory if the troll himself was sanctioned as well. Allowed to operate freely, trolls can seriously damage communities.

My interspersed comments below are in italics, indented.

(1) Rossi vs. Darden developments – Part 2
Jan 18th 2017

(Quote from Dewey Weaver) Dewey, from this can we infer that IH is a not stickler for such formalities? Come to think of it, isn’t that basically Rossi’s complaint?

The target here is Dewey, a shareholder in Industrial Heat. What Dewey has posted was about an inferred position of the Judge, from a decision on a particular issue. Whether or not IH was a ‘stickler,’ was irrelevant. Rather, Dewey was using this to predict the Judge’s response to certain Rossi claims, faced with the documentary reality, as supported by discovery instead of her prior decision based only on pleadings, which can be very incomplete. Zeus 46 is trolling.

(2) The Playground Saturday (Jan 21), 6:33 am

ABD Watch As the real Emperor Napoleon* would no doubt attest, it’s pretty damn boring being stuck on your own island. So boring in fact, that to pass the time one can trawl through the many pages of the user list here, and tally up exactly who has been banned, in the process effectively christening yourself as “King of the Trolls”.…-is-banned-on-lenr-forum/ Other highlights include lengthy bleatings about the LENR-forum update, and the now standard lecturing of t…

The full text is as linked, but this will also be quoted in full on a page examining just this post, Zeus46 trolling. It is riddled with misinformation that Zeus46 would know was false, if he took a moment, so even if he believes what he wrote, it is still effectively lies. Trolling. He knows that I read lenr-forum.

(3) Just for fun: Let’s bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February… anyone interested ? January 23
(Quote from Dewey Weaver) No doubt the only “evidence” for this is some scurrilous Italian tabloid newspaper, eh Dewey? Either way, I’m interested to hear more about this claim.

The interest in the claim could be legit. I’m interested too. I will look at this below as it might relate to Rossi. An unlikely possibility is asserted as “likely.” Italian tabloids publish things with some basis in truth, and my strong inference is that IH long ago looked behind newspaper reports to primary sources and evidence that could be introduced in court. Under some conditions, they could introduce tabloid reports, but reliance on that would be very shaky. As was stated, trolling.

(4)Just for fun: Let’s bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February… anyone interested ? January 23

Come on Dewey, let’s hear the story about this 100 tonnes of gold then…

Anyone could find it. I would not use anything from New Energy Times without verification, but this story refers to “St. Andre” and allegedly illegal gold transactions, and contains references to verifiable fact, such as court records, and this references prosecutorial news: “Still on the run is the driver of the gang, who is said to have transported more than 2 tons of gold with an armored delivery-van.” That, again, would have been reported from court records or police statements.

At this point, Alan Smith is warning Dewey Weaver for saying how Planet Rossi appears to him, clearly threatening him with a ban. (There are many comments in that thread from apparent “believers” that are blatantly contrary to fact, so I sympathize with Dewey’s comment.) So, Zeus46 turns up the heat. By mentioning “tabloid newspaper,” Zeus46 shows that he is aware of public sources, so this is trolling, to set up his next comment.

(5)Just for fun: Let’s bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February… anyone interested ? January 24

What about this 100 tonnes of gold Dewey? Was it just a slur you made up?

Zeus46 already knows the answer. Dewey did not make it up (but hundreds of tons might be an error, from the newspaper sources. Dewey, however, might have more information from more reliable sources.  Accusing a writer of making up a “slur” is an attempt designed to provoke the writer into responding defensively, and, as well, to confirm Alan’s threat as being based on reprehensible behavior. Classic trolling tactic.

Alan Smith joins in the trolling. It took a couple of minutes at the most to confirm the story. Planet Rossi argues that Rossi was ultimately acquitted of most charges, though not all, but acquittal can happen for many causes, and innocence is only one. (The same is true of convictions, they can be misleading as well. However, IH will be allowed to introduce evidence of past convictions and “tax problems,” which Annesser vigorously tried to strike. Dewey answered the question, with:

Regarding St. Andre – just working from court and other records. That was quite a haul and the trail is not cold.

Dewey (1) is often somewhat vague, and (2) does not represent Industrial Heat, he is merely an informed insider, and has explicitly denied being a spokesperson for IH.

(6) Just for fun: Let’s bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February… anyone interested ? January 24

Dewey, there’s a certain type of person who likes to sidle up to a group of strangers, fart, and walk away smirking whilst the ghostly stench of what they dropped permeates the room. Sound familiar? Re your 100t of gold: I imagine you think you are ‘keeping your powder dry’ for the court… But the more legally enlightened amongst us realise that IH will no doubt be barred from adducing this type of prejudicial hearsay “evidence” – and maybe with good reason.

This is blatant trolling, grossly uncivil. “This type of evidence” has not been defined. In context, then, it means “whatever you say.” (Dewey had already referred to court records. Zeus46 ignores that.)

Pointing out any possible error to make a claim appear absurd, is, again, a common troll tactic. Maybe Dewey has additional evidence, but the second story talks about one run with “more than 2 tons of gold.” The other story talks about ” 40 billion of gold ingots.” That would likely be lira, not weight. This was 1995. That could be roughly 2,000 kilograms of gold. Two metric tons,. about $25 million US dollar equivalent (buying power) in 1995. 

(end of quotations from Zeus46)

Again, see the page Zeus46 trolling for an examination of that post, about this blog, where he makes certain accusations that might seem plausible to some, but that are grossly deviant from verifiable fact.


Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax


3 thoughts on “Blatant trolling continues to be allowed on lenr-forum”

  1. Hi
    Dewey gets around.
    He was at ICCF 20.
    If I understood a comment
    on Lenr Forum right he was at Stanford Lenr club and asked
    B.G. if Me 356 was a real person.
    Do you think his angle is about money or could he
    have had a run in with A.R.
    Thanks for your opinion on
    trolling on Lenr Forum.
    I had seen that and was
    hoping I would see a good reply from someone.


    1. I am not sure that Dewey was at ICCF-20. Maybe. At Stanford, again, I don’t know. Maybe you do. His angle? Dewey is an investor in IH and a consultant to them. I suspect he is a major advisor there about where to invest. IH is investing, at this point, apparently, in “blue sky research,” not immediately practical, necessarily, some theoretical in nature and not at all ready for application. The field needs that foundation, so they are helping create it. They are not the only ones, as can be seen by the Texas Tech initiative, very adequately funded, and not by IH. At this level, working on basics, I would expect IH to be supporting the creation of open knowledge, with some projects, not necessarily all. It would be utterly unsurprising for that question about Me356 to be asked by Dewey.

      Dewey has, indeed, “had a run-in with A.R.” He has described it on LF. Per that account, Rossi asked for him to be excluded from a demonstration run at the IH facility in North Carolina, as “that lawyer with a heat gun.” Dewey is not a lawyer, that was pure Rossi thinking, Rossi is business-hostile. Look at his Petrol Dragon history, it was his downfall there.

  2. Abd – I find the inconsistency and inability to accurately discern by some L-F moderators fascinating. I guess this is not going to get any better and that likely determines the forum’s eventual fate / value.

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