Britz cold fusion bibliography

The Britz cold fusion bibliography and brief review site has been, with permission, mirrored here.

Access to the Britz collection is available to selected researchers. The research group may be joined by request on this page. Skeptics are not only welcome but very much invited. Skepticism with cold fusion is quite normal. It can shade into pseudoskepticism, as is well known to occur with any topic that might otherwise be called “emerging science,” but we all can be attached to existing belief.

(People, especially scientists or students in science, who are considering investigating cold fusion should be warned that if this becomes known, it can be hazardous to career, there have been many examples. If one wishes privacy, in commenting on this blog, comments are mostly made anonymously. Please use a real email address, it will not be published for ordinary comments where good faith is even remotely possible. (We have published clear trolling, including IP addresses. That is not mere disagreement, it is actually harassment.) If someone requests membership, it should not be necessary to reveal private information in the comment. The email address, which is hidden in comments, will allow email contact to make arrangements.

This is as the site was a few days ago, Dieter has made a few changes which will be copied here. The plan is to integrate this with the main WordPress installation here, so this access is temporary. There were difficulties with running the HTML importer.

The original site location wass

That is now removed, Dieter’s home page is and there are contact details if anyone needs to reach Dr. Britz.

Dieter is a skeptical or neutral electrochemist who listed papers and books based on being in journals or peer-reviewed sources or equivalent. He did not include the specialty journal JCMNS. He wrote brief summaries of each document.

The plan here is to expand this as a selectable subset of a full archive and research resource, with links to actual journal publications and readily accessible copies, or, in some cases, local copies, where legal.

(As a nonprofit host, under U.S. law, content may be hosted here under a Fair Use claim for various purposes. Subject to practical considerations, we will ordinarily respect take-down requests from lawful owners of content. We will also note that content that was hosted was taken down upon request. We will not remove live links to content hosted elsewhere, unless legally compelled.)


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