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I will use this post to accumulate some quotations from and to add my comments.

Alan Smith wrote, in the Rossi v. Darden thread, the following:

AlainCo wrote:

Dewey Weaver wrote:

Bass and Fabiani would be best advised to cop a deal soon. Its too late for Johnson.

Leaving aside the others mentioned, who I know little or nothing about, why on earth would Fabiani want to ‘cop a deal’ about anything? He has not been charged with an offence, neither has he been AFAIK properly served with a subpoena to appear in a Florida court in any capacity. Fabiani is an electro-mechanical engineer with a great deal of expertise in pinball machines. He also dabbles in circuit design and software writing at some level. Since he does not appear to be a physicist, or even a ‘proper scientist’, unless there is a really solid ‘smoking gun’ apart from prolonged close contact as an employee in the Rossi show there is no reason for anybody to suppose that he is a part of any (as yet totally unproven) fraudulent activity. I think Dewey is getting a little ahead of himself (and the court) in this case.

ETA -seen wonderful things’ means nothing in this or any other context. I saw a man dancing naked in the street 2 weeks ago. Not wonderful perhaps, but certainly remarkable and surprising.

Mind: boggled. The flap that led me to declare a boycott of lenr-forum was over Alan Smith deleting 15 or so posts in a thread that happened to be on Bass, but where comments were “off-topic.” For this offense, I was banned, and apparently, for writing about it and about moderation and personalities on lenr-forum, incoming links have now been prohibited…. Dewey Weaver had warned that if lenr-forum was going to be relevant in the future, “amateur hour” would have to end. That was ridiculed. Dewey Weaver is an investor in Industrial Heat, he has inside information, and is the only person posting who has that, except for others who may have dribs and dabs. Dewey is not an official spokesperson for Industrial Heat, and his opinions are his opinions, but he’s more likely to know what’s going on than most everyone who comments — including me.

Alan makes many off-topic comments, or includes them in his posts, and he posts on topics where his knowledge is poor, but with an air of authority. He doesn’t cite evidence and considers that posts that do are too wordy.

In this case, Alan Smith is completely out to lunch. He had complained about the Rossi v. Darden discussions as being too much and not important to the purposes of lenr-forum, and he had frozen topics to discourage discussion. Here, he shows that he is clueless about the case, demonstrating that he truly did not read all that.0078-0_3rd_amended_ih_answer.

Fabiani is a counterclaim defendant, and is being sued, he was served notice of the suit, and he appeared, having the same attorney as Johnson and Bass. Fabiani’s expertise is actually meaningless, whether he is a scientist or not is meaningless to the case, he is not under subpoena as an expert witness, but as a defendant, and he has been accused of participation in fraudulent representation. See the Counterclaims, page 1 for starters, he’s listed among the “third party defendants,” and then see Count IV (pdf page 61 et seq), claiming : breach of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act , and Count V, (pdf page 65 et seq) which is specifically suing Fabiani and his LLC, claiming Breach of Contract.

On the topic here, it is easily possible that Bass will get through this with no major harmful consequences. However, he should watch out for “joint and several liability,” where any participant in a fraudulent scheme might be liable for the entirety of damages, even if only partly responsible. He could settle with IH, perhaps in return for simple, honest testimony, I have mentioned this before. Fabiani is in deeper, but might be able to do the same. Fabiani is likely not wealthy, he is not a fat target. Johnson is, probably. IH will be looking for at least, I expect, about $20 million plus costs, but it could go higher than that.

Alan Smith claims, about Fabiani, that “there is no reason for anybody to suppose that he is a part of any (as yet totally unproven) fraudulent activity.” This is obviously false. That is, there is “reason to suppose.” Read the case! The evidence for fraudulent activity is, at this point, strong. “Proven” is not something to expect at this point, the term would generally mean that evidence has been lawfully admitted under oath, and then that a jury decided on the point. However, we see plenty of evidence and much ready inference from it. (And “totally proven” is never a standard in civil cases, the jury will decide on the preponderance of the evidence.) At this point, there are allegations, there is evidence presented for them, and Rossi has denied, the third party defendants have not Answered yet, but Rossi, for his part, has not presented any substantial evidence for his denials, and this has been discussed at Rossi answers the countercomplaint  and on Discussions of the Rossi Answer.

And this continues the mind-boggling:

Rends wrote:

[quoting what came before — see the original –, then commenting with irrelevancy]

Wasn’t John Dewey Weaver a shareholder of Industrial Heat LLC via Deep River Venture LLC having a direct connection to the cyberspace security team of Lockheed Martin ?

Rends is a moderator on LF. All this mishegas has been covered before. The New Fire appears to be Rends’ web site, and it has adopted the Sifferkoll line. I will let Dewey respond first:

Dewey Weaver wrote:

Rends – wrong Deep River. Almost everything that Sifferkoll posted was fabricated and is useless for you as a frame of reference.
More of the same – LF mods contributing to the spread of mis-information (a generous description).

Alan – Fulvio has a fraud problem hanging over his head – possibly with treble damages. The boy needs to find a way off Planet Rossi soon.

Johnson is an attorney with much to lose including his law license. Not looking good for him either.

Apparently one of the “situations” that has lenr-forum moderators “furious” is my alleged “doxxing” of someone. When internet commentators impeach or impugn others, I have always considered their identity fair game, within limits. And at least it should be accurate, or, if speculation, stated as such. For example, Mary Yugo has a known identity, I have personally confirmed the evidence on that, which was conclusive — and easily contradicted if “Mary” cared. The user called RandomBit0 on LF is probably Andrea Rossi, or, if not, someone very close to him. That’s not conclusive, merely informed speculation.

Here, Rends attempts to “doxx” Dewey. Those who have been following discussions know that Dewey Weaver is an investor in IH, that is no secret, he is a real person, some of us have met him in person. So if it is relevant, I state the simple fact. No need to point to a massive conspiracy theory page. The fact: This is the UK governmental filing page for IH Holdings International, Ltd. The report of 24 May 2016 has a complete list of shareholders. One of them is Deep River Ventures, LLC. Then one can find who signs for DRV, LLC on the resolution dated 22 May 2015. It appears to be John Dewey Weaver III. This would be this Dewey Weaver. There is no reasonable doubt of this. So Rends was correct on this being the Dewey Weaver commenting here.

What is unsubstantiated is the connection to Lockheed Martin. The document Rends points to links Deep River Ventures — a venture capital firm — and then another partner at DRV is also an officer of STAC Solutions, Somehow, I didn’t follow it, Sifferkoll linked STAC Solutions to Industrial Defender, which was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2014. Or was it? Siffer has the domain redirect to Lockheed, but it doesn’t, it redirects to another site, Leidos Cyber. Okay, what happened? The small text in the middle of the Leidos page explains it. Sifferkoll was probably correct when he compiled the information, because Leidos acquired Lockheed Martin IS&GS in a merger in August 2016.  And what does this all point to? Allegedly — no evidence is provided — Lockheed Martin Cyber is connected to … tadaa! Jones Day!

Like, big surprise. Look at a lot of companies and eventually find one that has used the services of the largest law firm in the U.S.

I have seen this for many years. If you believe there is a conspiracy, you can find evidence for it, evidence that, because it confirms your belief, you will see a downright overwhelming, why can’t everyone else see it?

I attempted to look into this, researching what was on Rends’ site, and that was shut down by …. Alan Smith. It was obvious, Alan was protecting Rends from becoming more visible as what he is.

(None of this means there is no conspiracy, only that research like this commonly creates appearances where there is nothing there. And then Sifferkoll at others on Planet Rossi scoured my posts looking for proof that I was on the IH payroll. Nope. Not yet, anyway! — and I haven’t applied and it hasn’t been offered, and I consider it very unlikely, but … IH might, at some point, support one of the organizations that I work with. Again, no application and no offer. The research I proposed was fully supported, by not by IH, rather by another major figure, as philanthropy.)

Back to the drooling amateurs (Yo mamma!). but, first, one not quite so amateur, like, he actually knows something and sources it.

Eric Walker wrote:

Alan Smith wrote:
why on earth would Fabiani want to ‘cop a deal’ about anything? He has not been charged with an offence, neither has he been AFAIK properly served with a subpoena to appear in a Florida court in any capacity.

Fabiani and his company United States Quantum Leap are indeed counter-defendants. See doc. 78 for the allegations against Fabiani and USQL (e.g., secs. 83-89, pp. 49-51).

So then Alan Smith came back with:

Alan Smith wrote:

That’s true. But since he has not been successfully subpoena’d to appear, and has not been charged with a criminal offence, I cannot think of any reason why he should show up in court, or attempt in any way to plead for mercy.

Were I not pledged to boycott the site until moderation problems are resolved, and then banned to boot, I’d have answered immediately as I did above. Smith has confused Fabiani with Penon who may or may not have been served. I suspect that he has been served, because he was not dismissed from the suit, see the Judges’ Order, DE 67. But maybe the Judge hasn’t gotten around to it. (We don’t get any public notice that a person has been served. The first we would know about it is when the plaintiff moves for a default judgment.) Penon has indeed not been charged with any criminal offense, nor has Rossi or anyone involved here. It is a possibility that it could happen, but proving criminal offenses is much more difficult than establishing a civil judgment. Penon could end up with a judgment for … the limit might be something like $60 million. Screwing around with $2.2 billion corporations, Bad Idea. They might not take it well. IH is not Cherokee, but by including Cherokee in the lawsuit, Rossi upped the ante, insuring that the IH defense, and counterclaims, would be fully funded.

This actually continued. Not skipping a beat, with what he had alleged as fact in tatters, he came back with:

Alan Smith wrote:

Dewey Weaver wrote:

Alan – Fulvio has a fraud problem hanging over his head – possibly with treble damages. The boy needs to find a way off Planet Rossi soon.

Wrong to pre-judge you know, since the fat lady has yet to sing. As for ‘finding a way off’ – maybe he has already? Seen him lately?

If anyone would know what Fabiani is doing with regard to “finding a way off” Planet Rossi, Dewey would. The way off would probably be agreeing to testify to what he knows about Rossi’s methods, the “customer,” etc. This could be considered a possible message to Fabiani, if he’s following these discussions. Dewey is not, however, speaking for IH, it is simply that he knows the principals and knows them well, and would know what might be possible. For Fabiani’s sake, his attorney should be talking with IH. Or … his lot is with Rossi.

“Wrong to pre-judge,” but Alan is giving advice to someone who knows far more than he about the situation. Dewey has actually interacted with Rossi and has been closely involved with IH since the beginning, I think.

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