ICCF-21 Detailed Agenda

IICF-21 Detailed Agenda =  (original on ICCF-21 web site)

SHORT COURSE SPEAKERS (Sunday 3 June 2018)

  • 10:00 Introduction and Issues, David Nagel
  • 10:40 Electrochemical Loading, Michael McKubre
  • 11:20 Gas Loading, Jean-Paul Biberian
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Calorimetry and Heat Data, Dennis Letts
  • 14:10 Transmutation Data, Mahadeve (Chino) Srinivasan
  • 14:50 Break
  • 15:10 Materials Challenges, M. Ashraf Imam
  • 15:50 Theoretical Considerations, Peter Hagelstein
  • 16:30 Commercialization, Dana Seccombe & Steve Katinsky
  • 17:00 (end)


18:00 Reception

20:00 Lounge


Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax

See http://coldfusioncommunity.net/biography-abd-ul-rahman-lomax/

2 thoughts on “ICCF-21 Detailed Agenda”

  1. Has anyone, anywhere replicated any
    LENR experiments?

    By replication, I mean:

    Same bill of materials
    Same step by step build instructions
    Same testing procedures,
    Same measurement devices
    Same, IDENTICAL results.

    Please publish same if possible

    1. There are limiting assumptions in the question. It is not yet the state of the art to produce active materials that show the same level of excess heat. The core problem is the material, i.e., in FPHE experiments, palladium. The known and clearly reproducible and confirmed experiment works around this problem, by seeking correlation between anomlous heat and helium production. In that work, all experiments in a series are to be considered; even with the same materials, apparently the same conditions, results change.

      There is no standard “lab rat.”

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