If Rossi doesn’t know it, it is Bad

On LENR forum, Alan Fletcher wrote:

I read a lot of today’s responses and a lot of the exhibits. Didn’t notice anything really new, except for 236-7, Darden’s (I think) hand-written notes, including sending a unit to Boeing without Rossi’s knowledge.

This is the entry in our docket index (at this moment):

236-07 – Exhibit 7 Notes, Cassarino (Ampenergo) (? not confirmed, from memory)

I wrote “not confirmed” because I remember this being Cassarino but have not confirmed it. How would this be confirmed? Look in the main page:

04/04/2017 0236.0_IH_Opp_to_SOMF_214_Rossi MSJ – search for “Ex. 7” … this finds

Paragraph 27 refers to this as “AEG Dep. Ex. 20”.

The AEG Deposition is Exhibit 4 in this set. In the index to exhibits, we find that Exhibit 20 is used on p. 145. This is not one of the pages shown; it may have been the first reference. However, searching Exhibit 4 for “Exhibit 20,” I find reference to it:

Page 207. These are clearly Cassarino’s notes of his conversation(s). So I am removing the question from our docket index.

Now, Boeing. IH apparently arranged with Boeing to test a reactor, and the results were negative. Did Rossi know? I think I recall Rossi complaining that he wasn’t allowed to be there to make sure the test went well, but this may have been after the fact, I don’t know at this point if he knew about the test before it was done.

I think Alan Fletcher doesn’t realize the implications of what he wrote. Ampenergo was Rossi’s long-term supporter, those people went back before the E-Cat. I can see that Rossi’s attorneys are trying to imply that the refusal of Ampenergo to sign on to the Second Amendment still left it valid as between IH and Rossi, but breaking up the “parties” to the agreement like that was certainly not contemplated. And the Second Amendment then required the signature of all parties to the starting date.

If it could be shown that IH explicitly accepted to be bound by the GPT terms, it is possible that Rossi could claim estoppel. But it looks like they never did that, and Rossi never, as far as I’ve seen, claimed the Doral installation as being a GPT until very late in the game, not before it started, which is what would have been necessary as a substitute agreement.

Rather, IH expressed a willingness, apparently a number of times, to pay Rossi anyway if they could make devices themselves that would pass independent testing, even if it wasn’t fully “GPT compliant.” If they could do that, raising $89 million would have been easy for them. They had the commitment from Woodford.

If Rossi has something real, he completely shot himself in the foot by setting up a phony customer to allow him to personally control a “test,” lying about this repeatedly, refusing to allow Murray to visit in July, 2015, and by leading or following Annesser in refusing entry in December, 2015. But the most likely reality here is that the Rossi Effect was a collection of artifacts, at best, and, at worst, deliberate fraud.

And some of the Rossi declarations under oath look like perjury to me. For perjury, there is an insanity defense.





Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax

See http://coldfusioncommunity.net/biography-abd-ul-rahman-lomax/

7 thoughts on “If Rossi doesn’t know it, it is Bad”

  1. I’m not sure why you think I’m not aware of AEG’s role.

    Another significant item in the “236” batch is 236-38 http://coldfusioncommunity.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/236-38-Exhibit-38.pdf where Craig Cassarino is asking Rossi on June 29, 2015 how the test is going … and that they expect “our second tranche of funds”. But they are in the dark about the 350 day test itself (was Penon accepted as the ERV?) , and Rossi lies about JMP being happy.

    http://coldfusioncommunity.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/0207.16_Exhibit_16.pdf is the licence agreement between AIG and IH, and refers to the “Second Tranche” of $45M 5 days after payment of Rossi’s $89M under the GPT.

    ISTR that somebody (somewhere) said that if IH fails, the licence reverts to AEG. I don’t see that here.

    1. Welcome to CFC, Alan. Great that you quote evidence. Suggestion: for your reader convenience, add the relevant PDF page numbers, either as text or, better, in the link itself. Add “#page=[number]” to the URL. From exhibit 38, the Cassarino quote first quotes Rossi and then gives Cassarino’s reply. What we see is that Rossi is also lying to Cassarino, his old friend. For those who trusted Rossi, all this can be, I’m sure, difficult to accept. He lied to Hydro Fusion, he lied to IH, he lied to Mats Lewan, he lied to the public on his blog, over and over. He is often hiding under alternate meanings of words. Perhaps he has his role as Director of JMP only active when he is wearing a certain hat. And then, like Chinese acrobats, he switches hats. Perhaps it’s all a game to him, though he has sworn to God that he has been telling the truth. But then, if we look at that claim — much was made of it on Planet Rossi — maybe he was just talking about one specific statement. There are always ways to reinterpret language to make it true (or false). However, legally, we derive intention, and it is intention to deceive that is legally perjury — or civilly, fraud. It is obvious that IH (and Johnson and Bass!) understood that the “real customer” was Johnson-Matthey. But, hey, maybe Rossi never actually said so. (That won’t fly, because there are enough indirect references to display his intention, including Rossi’s own comment, something like “I shouldn’t have mentioned them.” We may also lie through silence. That could cover Johnson’s participation, by the way. Except that Johnson lied about “U.K. entity.”

      1. Rossi, I expect, truly believes that he never lies. And reckons the various deceits that he practices are either not deceits – the twisty double meaning just not being recognised by him – or are excused by circumstances.

        He is protected from external scrutiny – the thing that helps most of us out of our private irrationalities because, as you will remember, anyone who disagrees with him makes him angry and is classified as a snake or clown.

        1. I don’t have a name for the syndrome, other than “denial.” I’ve been able to test Rossi a bit, he responded with clear evidence that he is not rational, but reactive, or that, more accurately, his reactivity dominates. His world appears to be highly constricted, ontologically naive. But if he is a conscious con artist, then none of this is meaningful, because any appearance could be deliberately created. Either way, his condition is extremely dangerous for any person in it, and for those who might depend on him or her.

          It is quite obvious from the evidences, and particularly what Rossi wrote in emails, that he intended for IH to believe that the “real customer” was Johnson Matthey. None of that makes any sense with his claim, now, that IH knew it wasn’t Johnson Matthey. The evidence I see for this is very strong, strong enough for a criminal conviction, if a crime was committed. It’s strong enough that his present testimony might be perjury (but there is an insanity defense for perjury…. if a person believed what a rational person would know was a lie, the person might avoid conviction, but it is a difficult defense, it can fail. Juries know that people may pretend insanity.)

          Behind all this is another story, the role of Annesser. I suspect Annesser encouraged Rossi to be confrontive and hostile toward IH, by or before December, 2015, instead of what a responsible attorney would do, encourage the avoidance of and settlement of disputes. I was appalled by the early Annesser pleadings, they went beyond advocating Rossi’s position, they manifested Rossi’s anger and outrage; the language was hostile polemic, not dispassionate legal presentation of fact and argument.

          … and then Ruth Silver bailed. Why? As I have written, she will never say, it could violate legal ethics. Her firm is not off the hook, though. If Rossi’s attorneys (initially her firm) failed to do due diligence in researching Rossi’s claims, they could be sanctioned, and that covers the beginning of the lawsuit, up until her withdrawal.

    1. A lot easier to read that file here, and one can link to the specific page. Here: Rossi’s email, page 3 of 245-27.. Those exhibits are devasting to anyone who doesn’t accept that Rossi was lying, lying, lying. He was telling Bass what to say, and telling Johnson how much to tell IH how much power JMP had received. And there are many, many pointers to the representation that Johnson Matthey was the customer, but, then, oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that! No, don’t visit them, they will be spooked and withdraw.


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