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Volume 2 (and a mention of Volume 4)

I began working on splitting and presenting the Proceedings of ICCF-4 with the copies hosted on lenr-canr. org, but as I began prepping the the Table of Contents for Volume 4, I found discrepancies. Ultimately I found that Jed Rothwell (the manager of and a long-term volunteer and supporter of LENR research), had removed pages from Volume 2. (For reference, the original EPRI file is at TR-104188-V2.pdf

page 1-8 was removed as a duplicate of page 1-7, with no explanatory note. In fact, the pages were not identical, there were two more words, completing a paragraph, and a note number, on page 8.  Because the pages are numbered, this was in the published book. As an editor, I can image how the error was made.

There is a copy of the Bockris paper on, attributed to the ICCF-4 proceedings, and, as well, we have the Fusion Technology version. It appears that the Fusion Technology version is identical to the EPRI version, except for some formatting. There is a particular typographical error in both, corrected in the copy, and some other wording in that copy differs. So these likely came from the same word-processing file. Rothwell’s copy was likely later, and that error was corrected, particularly if Rothwell typed it in, as he says he has done with some papers.

(See the EPRI copy of Bockris, page 1-2, section 1.1, the number “0” is instead a lower-case “o”, i.e., what is 0.83 intended, and so shown in the lenr-canr individual copy, is o.83. It’s quite visible in the typewriter font used, in Fusion Technolgy, the o is about half the height of a zero, unlike the font being used here.)

Then 8 pages that had been inserted between PDF pages 2-8 and 2-7 were removed by Rothwell. These were obvious scan errors, not from the original book, but rather from a different document, apparently when EPRI made a scanned copy available. Because these were not numbered pages, their removal would be without consequence, actually restoring original page integrity, so no note was needed to avoid reader confusion, as should have been done with the page in the first paper. (I will insert a page note, to maintain PDF pagination and to explain the obvious flaw.)

And then Rothwell removed the three Swartz papers from Volume 2 (and another from Volume 4), replacing them with a note (shown for the first paper):

Dr. Mitchell Swartz does not wish to have his papers uploaded to A copy of this paper can be found in the original EPRI proceedings, Vol. 2, p. 264:

That link is broken and, while there is a reference to the document on an active EPRI server, I could find no way to download it. I found my copies on archive .org, as uploaded by Steve Krivit, who appears to have been asked to remove documents from his own server by EPRI. We do not yet know why EPRI is doing this. I have not yet inquired.

I have not been able to confirm that Dr. Swartz has expressed such a wish with regard to papers like this. From my knowledge of conflict between Rothwell and Swartz, Swartz likely was referring, in a prior incident, to something very different. It’s unfortunate that personal disputes damage what should be community property, at least in the ordinary course of events.

I have restored the papers here from the EPRI copy, so, unlike the rest of the volumes, they do not have Rothwell’s OCR restoration of text under image.  But at least they can be read. It is possible that better copies will replace them in the future. That is now easier, with individual copies of papers, and emendation and commentary are easier.


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