This map plots suspected AP IP geolocation data. When it was originally compiled, there were many loosely suspected IP addresses from the RationalWiki Racialism article. Those showed up in many different locations. There is a series of edits from Seoul Korea, with a likely user who is not AP.  There were also various IPs at random locations, transient, but not identified as open proxies (many open proxies are not detected and any one with web host access may be able to create internet access through the host. There are here are two markers with a “home” symbol, one is the apparent one-time residence of the AP brothers, one still apparently lives there, the other is the University of Roehampton, which AP was attending when the whole AP affair began in 2011. (I have removed the precise location of the home, it should now not be adequate to actually find the house.) The edits strewn around the world were eliminated from this map …. they were only listed to see what IP might look like with non-AP users. None of those show up in the actual AP area. Open proxies were eliminated as not providing useful location data.

The original Anglo Pyramidologist study did not include anonymous (IP) editors, largely to avoid claims of privacy policy violations. However, suspected sock reports have often included IPs, and from block logs, it can sometimes be determined that they were block-evading socks. IP addresses are not persons, as such, and have no intrinsic right of privacy and may, through disruptive action, forfeit the special right granted in some terms of service.

This page includes IPs from the WMF study.

Abbreviations: (not yet used)

  • APG matches generally known AP location
  • OP identified or suspected on evidence as open proxy.
  • UID other location, possibly temporary open proxy or meat puppet — or independent user with coincident interest.

The WMF Study

The RationalWiki study:

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