Rimuru Tempest

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This user, like all of the users listed on the parent page, RationalWiki/Anglo Pyramidologist/Supporters and enablers, is not suspected of being a sock in the “AngloPyramidologist family,” which is two real persons, twin brothers, widely exposed and known as such (and admitted to be such by one of them, Oliver D. Smith, recently editing RW as ODS, who has fingered his twin brother, Darryl L. Smith, as the current user, Debunking spiritualism, who will be referred to here as “DS.”

Rather the evidence shows that RT appears to believe AP deceptions, and promotes them with personal comment, and otherwise supports the AP agenda , which pretends to be “skeptical,” but, in fact, is anti-science, pseudoscientific by the classic definition, authoritarian, fundamentalist (simply within an alternative fundamentalism), and fascist; mobocracies, as RW claims to be, can easily become that if diversity and freedom of expressions are not rigorously and structurally protected.

So what happened with RT?

User page history –  Talk page history – Contributions  – Deletions – Blocks

RT has a habit of doing full revision deletion when it is not necessary, so the user page history is mangled. The deleted edits to it were

17:58, 17 March 2018 RimuruTempest harasser edited the user page. RT reverted, blocked the account at 17:58, and then totally hid the revision and user name , but it was not difficult to find.

I had not noticed the timing before. The block within a minute of the edit creates a reasonable suspicion that RT harassed himself. While that timing is not impossible, it would be rare unless the user created the disruption. Why would RT do this? From other contributions, the lulz would be my speculation. What else was going on?

(I did not complete this study, but am publishing this so that RT can read it. The above does not actually relate to S&E, I hadn’t gotten to that.)


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