Rossi’s Nobel Excuse

He’s pulling our leg. This couldn’t be real, could it? Rossi claims that if he provides copies of his communications with the Lugano professors, it may damage his Nobel Prize nomination.

Today IH filed a notice of a Discovery Hearing, 0105.0_Discovery_Hearing_Notice, and attached to it is 0105.1_Rossi_Response_to_IH_requests.

Rossi is attempting to narrow IH inquiries into matters that, IH will allege, and I’d agree, could possibly be related, for example, his prior relationship with Penon. However, one item takes the cake.

In Doc. 105.1, there is this request and the Rossi response. My emphasis.

REQUEST NO. 4: All Communications between You and , Evelyn Foschi, Torbjorn Hartman, Bo Hoistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars Tegner and/or Hanno Essen.

ANSWER: Plaintiffs object to this request on the grounds that it is overbroad and not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. Specifically, the persons listed above were not involved in any manner with the License Agreement or any of the tests of the E-Cat or E-Cat IP contemplated therein. It is clear from this request that Defendants seek only to harass and intimidate Plaintiffs through this request as Defendants know that some, or all, of the above individuals participate in the nomination process for the Nobel Prize and their involvement in this matter could jeopardize any consideration Plaintiffs may be receiving for such nomination. Moreover, the time frame of the Request – January 1, 2011 through the present – is beyond the scope of the issues before the Court. Specifically, the matters at issue were concluded on or before the end of February 2016. To the extent this request seeks information regarding communications after the conclusion of the parties’ dealings, such information would not be relevant, nor likely to lead to the discovery of relevant information, and may constitute trade secrets of Leonardo Corporation. Further, this request is not limited in any way, as to subject matter.

Six of these were the “independent professors” who participated in the Lugano Test, of a reactor which Industrial Heat made, according to instructions from Rossi.

The seventh is Hartman. Hartman was an author of the Ferrara report.

This is relevant.

Now, I’m curious. Will the Magistrate be able to restrain himself from laughing when he sees this?

Krivit has on the May 20, 2013, Ferrara report: “The authors of that paper are Giuseppe Levi (University of Bologna), Evelyn Foschi (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Torbjörn Hartman (senior research engineer at the Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala University), Bo Höistad (professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University), Roland Pettersson (senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University), Lars Tegnér (professor in the Department of Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University) and Hanno Essén (Royal Institute of Technology).”

It is not clear what Nobel Prize Rossi is thinking of. Physics? Rossi is not a physicist, and has contempt for scientific thinking and process. However, the Prize for Physics is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. 

None of the named professors appear to be members, according to the member search facility. 

On lenr-forum:

Paradigmnoia wrote: 

On page 2 of the 105-1 attachment, it says,
Rather, such a statement is only intended
to mean that, if documents exist, can be located based on a reasonable search, are in the
possession, custody or control of Industrial Heat, and are not privileged or otherwise protected
from discovery on any other applicable ground, they will be produced within forty-five (45)
days of the date of this Response

Is this copied right from an Industrial Heat et al response?
I am either very confused about this attachment, or this sentence makes no sense coming from Leondardo et al.

The attachment. Yes, it looks like Rossi’s attorney simply copied some Industrial Heat boilerplate and did not proofread it carefully. Paradigmnoia also noticed the Nobel Prize comment. 

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