RvD: Opening statements

The opening statements of the parties in Rossi v. Darden have been extracted from the full record to make study of them easier.

On Day 1 of the trial, June 28, 2017, the Plaintiff and Defendant gave opening statements to the jury. On Day 2, June 29, this jury was dismissed due to a mistrial, too many jurors had been lost for various reasons. These statements became moot, but they are here in the event that anyone wishes to compare them with the later statements.

Rossi_opening 1
IH_opening 1

On Day 3, June 30, a new jury was selected and all the parties gave opening statements.

Rossi_opening 2
IH_opening 2

The intention is to annotate these statements with references to evidence in the record, where this can be identified. Any reader is welcome and invited to suggest corrections or additions.

On Day 4, July 5, as the evidentiary phase of the trial was about to begin, the parties agreed to ask the court to dismiss all claims with prejudice (i.e., those claims could not be raised again), with the court not being responsible for enforcing any agreement. So the judge dismissed the jury.

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