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It has been linked from Wikipedia, claiming that this is a personal attack. Little of this is conclusory, and what is could be supported by additional evidence if needed. (Corrections or questions are welcome in comments). That Wikipedia discussion also cites another page here.

Added 12/29/2017. The original posting of material on JPS on this blog had some more recent information than other sources available elsewhere. When this was called to my attention, I removed it from visibility, and the original material was a copy of a post on a different blog. Both the document here and the document on the other blog were, however, placed on and by attack socks. I was able to also get the other blog post taken down, which took some time. I had emailed JPS offering cooperation, through the Wikipedia interface. He replied by regular email and there was some back and forth. He did not request a termination of communication, but he wrote on Wikiversity, in a Request for Deletion on the Cold fusion resource there:

Delete and ban User:Abd for harassing me in e-mails. Wikiversity should be ashamed of itself for continuing to let him abusively campaign here. I have asked the foundation for a ruling as well. ජපස (discuss • contribs) 22:53, 21 December 2017 (UTC)

That was directly deceptive, hostile (and an attack on me on that page, where it was irrelevant).

There was no “campaign” on Wikiversity, at least, and definitely nothing recent. I have published the emails, there was no harassment there. So he was lying.

Hence I have reversed my decision to protect his privacy. It was voluntary, and undeserved, and he was supporting the agenda of those who had roundly attacked me — and many others, in many fora. Hence this is what I had hidden: still has jps at Columbia in New York. That is a red herring.
He obtained his PhD in 2014 and was a visiting professor at St. Lawrence University for about a year. He is currently “living and working in Santiago, Chile at the Instituto de Astrofísica — Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.”, the page is titled “Joshua Tan (né Schroeder)”. Another page on that institution site gives his name as Joshua P. Schroeder, and the credentials match. All this information (and more) is available in public documents.
This is now obsolete. He is now at City University of New York, using the name Joshua Tan on that page, but his email address still has “schroeder” in it. His specific institution is Laguardia Community College. An astronomy course there lists “Joshua Schroeder” as a “recent professor,” There is a link to a page with more information.]
I advised him to stop hiding. (That may be what he considered “harassment.”) He may have started to move in that direction, but he has already done a lot of damage to himself. He offended a lot of people with how he edited Wikipedia. (I was only peripherally involved with him, and actually cooperated with him on certain pages. But the page supra will look at his cold fusion contributions. What I recall of his editing that I noticed over the years was not good, he was pushing to suppress recent mainstream reliable source (and, yes, that is often tolerated on Wikipedia, based on arguments about “due weight” that are purely subjective.) The Wikiversity resource, which he helped to get deleted, had a beginning study of recent sources, it is currently at Wikiversity/Cold_fusion/Recent_sources and there is a related page at Wikiversity/Cold_fusion/Current_Science.


Science depends very much on personal reputations, that is behind the standard trust in scientist probity — which he attacked. Scientists make mistakes, it’s common. But if they lie, fake data, or use grossly misleading arguments, that could be their career, over just like that. JPS has attacked professional scientists because they state opinions (conclusions) contrary to his, not just their alleged errors.

He currently signs his Wikipedia posts “jps,” hiding his user name, and belying the claim he makes that he does not want to be judged by his user name, (since “jps” is broadly recognized as him, and that is what people see when he signs comments).

His current user name is written as three Sinhalese initials, making it really easy for English speakers to remember, to be able to refer to his edits. Right?


It has been claimed that he made this latest name change because I documented his previous names (quite obscurely, until his “friends” at RationalWiki widely publicized it and  enshrined it on and, and he is claiming harassment. I have not harassed him, but I have some suspicion that he harassed me, monitoring my internet comments over the years and then dumping massive text on them. That would be low level harassment, compared to what some others have done and are doing. I have never before engaged in a documentation project like this on him — only some discussion mostly intended to examine his arguments — he is probably the most knowledgeable intense skeptic writing on cold fusion — and then the recent listing of his accounts, now shown here.

This is what I had before, as it relates to Wikipedia user names:

See his current [older] user page at He has an incomplete list of account names at
It is incomplete because it does not include his identified sock puppets.
The tool (for recent name changes) shows:
18:53, 9 January 2017 K6ka globally renamed WoKrKmFK3lwz8BKvaB94 to 9SGjOSfyHJaQVsEmy9NS
15:56, 29 August 2016 Avraham globally renamed I9Q79oL78KiL0QTFHgyc to WoKrKmFK3lwz8BKvaB94
21:01, 5 January 2015 DerHexer globally renamed QTxVi4bEMRbrNqOorWBV to I9Q79oL78KiL0QTFHgyc
before this, renaming was local to Wikipedia, and the old logs are more primitive. Finding the change requires knowing the old user name. So there is another way, looking for Talk edits of the user with signatures. The current contributions log and page history will show the current user name, and signatures show what was current at the time. So this takes me back to
Previously ScienceApologist
Vanished User 314159 from his user page list, no edits. Missing from user rename log. Probably hidden
Joshua P. Schroeder is missing from the user rename log. Probably hidden.
Joshuaschroeder … is also missing from the user rename log. Probably hidden. This appears to be his first user name.

Identified or suspected Wikipedia sock puppets:

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  1. Abd – freshly-minted doctors are full of what they’ve been taught and it’s not yet tempered by finding out that what they’ve been taught is not the whole truth. Of course, if you only stay in the mainstream and don’t visit the fringe, you may never find out that the old theories are wrong – to find anomalies you either have to look closer or to use more-extreme conditions in an experiment than people have done before. IIRC it was around the turn of the 20th Century that Lord Kelvin opined that all of physics was known and that future physicists would only be measuring things to more decimal places. He would have been upset by quantum theory…. Of course, he was somewhat far off with that opinion, but if you’ve just spent years getting a doctorate then it’s only human to think that you learnt the Truth and to be a warrior in protecting that Truth from those crazy people who dare to think there’s a flaw.

    We don’t however have Truth. What we have are theories that predict what we’ll measure and whose predictions are close-enough to what we _can_ measure that for practical purposes they’re good enough. We also have a large number of practical approximations that are close enough to right when we’re careful about using the right approximation for the range we’re working in.

    The theoretical objection to LENR is based upon an extrapolation of what we know works in plasma conditions and applying that to a condensed-matter situation where there are periodic energy-wells, and where we likely have collective phenomena and not just individual particle interactions. Logically, this extrapolation is not justifiable. Any time we go beyond the conditions we’ve tested, then it’s possible that the rules we’ve worked out may not apply. It just looks like JPS hasn’t yet come to that realisation, so he’s defending the truth he knows just as hard as he can.

    Pain in the butt….

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