WikipediaSucks on Oliver Smith

I’m compiling a comprehensive list of Smith socks and keep finding stuff, like this WikipediaSucks (Proboards) archive, Oliver Smith-WWHP thread (moved)

In this thread, archaic, registered Jun 24, 2016 at 10:55pm, clearly Oliver Smith, attacks Rome Viharo, copying a post that was spammed to RatWiki, 19 June 2016. (and see also 17 June 2016, and 18 June 2016, deleted contributions accusing Oliver D. Smith of being Dan Skeptic (Wikipedia) and David1234 (RatWiki). It is claimed that this spamming led to Viharo’s ban. That may be true, but it is also quite possible that this was impersonation, at least some of it. Spamming known content from a person though impersonation socking is a Smith technique. Or this was actually what it claimed to be, an investigator, I have not tracked this down.

In any case, the claim about Dan Skeptic and David1234 was incorrect, and Oliver is like a Jack-in-the-box, he pops up when you push a button, and this particular kind of error is such. As Schizophrenic, he corrected this claim, in edits later hidden by Debunking spiritualism (in a deletion and blocking spree that the Rats blamed on me having hacked his account, which was, ah, a tad mistaken. DS was Darryl L. Smith, Oliver’s twin brother, as was Dan Skeptic, also known as Goblin Face on Wikipedia, and David1234 on RatWiki. DS attempted to hide this correction by Oliver, but it was reverted, and archived. (This is an additional piece of evidence that DS was Darryl. Schizophrenic elsewhere referred to DS as his brother, and so the story that Schizophrenic was an impersonator was developed, years later. But DS has been blocked, actually as if Oliver Smith (Aeschylus), which is not quite correct.)

The WWHP page reports  a threat. That’s quite what I saw when I started exposing Smith impersonation socking in 2017. I was threatened. And then it is claimed that Viharo was threatening himself, to get attention. They have a story they repeat over and over with different people.

michaeldsuarez (registered Mar 17, 2016 at 9:21pm) immediately outed him as Oliver, pointing to ED articles with details.  Oliver, as archaic, lies, claiming “I don’t own any of these accounts..” A huge number of accounts were listed, and some of them were later admitted. archaic then points to three accounts (URL corrected to current domain — ED is currently down.).

Classic Smith misdirection. The first two were parody socks, not actually impersonations. The third may be Smith, (i.e., Krom), but could also be Mikemikev, perhaps, and Kroms is deceptive. I see multiple conflicting signs. I may investigate this more deeply later.

But RatWiki Kroms was Oliver.

Krom on ED and on RatWiki was Oliver.

So what accounts was Oliver denying?

ED User_talk:JuniusThaddeus/Archive5

ED Talk:RationalWiki

  • Kromscape long term obvious Krom, i.e. Oliver

ED Thizzlehat_Junction_Center

broken kiwi farms archive . Closest I could find to this was mentioned:

  • Atlantid, clearly Oliver
  • TombRaiderFan, Kiwi account, probably Oliver
  • Krom (RW account primarily)
  • BookGremlin or Gremlin — not verified yet
  • Truthseeker — not verified yet
  • and others

Encyclopedia Dramatica subreddit. The full thread.

Krom1991 is very clearly Oliver, many evidences, not merely MDS accusations.

And there are more. First of all, “none of the accounts” was a lie. Secondly, Oliver focuses on possible errors. For example, MDS appears to believe that ED Kroms was Oliver. I can see why, but also saw a reason to suspect that this was not him. I may return to this.

In tracking down the sources, I found the origin of the conflict with Mikemikev, it was documented by Mikemikev here. (archived). They blocked each other on Metapedia. The conflict documented on Metapedia Talk:Race realism continued over the years and is still continuing on RatWiki.

archaic wrote:

Once again, i’m not one of the accounts Michaeldsuarez has just posted, it just all lies. And note he provides no evidence I own a single of these accounts. Its just “you owned david1234!”, “you own apparition!”, or other accounts that aren’t mine. Heck I don’t even know what most these forums he’s posting. I’m meant to have posted on sites I’ve never heard of?

The weirdest thing is suarez is trying to pin at least two Rationalwiki admin accounts onto me in 2012. That’s news to me. What a nutcase.

Perhaps suarez is just trolling and doing this all “for the lolz”, either that or he’s the most deranged liar I’ve ever come across.

Again, he focuses on errors, when he knows the truth, quite certainly, and why people would make these mistakes. On Wikipedia, Anglo Pyramidologist (Oliver) was confused with Liveintheforests (Darryl) and that carried over to RatWiki. David1234 and Apparitions were obvious Darryl RatWiki accounts.  Also Forests and DinoCrisis.

RatWiki Krom is mentioned above, but did not start editing that site until 2015. Indeed, “news to” him. I have not found any RatWiki sysop account for Oliver that far back, so far. But MDS was not a “nutcase,” nor was he lying, and that kind of accusation — that an error is a lie — is typical for Smith socks.

Most importantly, Oliver was indeed archaic, which was the first and most significant claim by MDS. To distract from that, Oliver raises a gigantic smokescreen.

In what archaic posted, I find leads to Gust (prob. Darryl),  Tenchu2, blocked as Rome Viharo but very likely Oliver (who also used Tenchu on ED — contribs), Billy_the_kid (gives a pure Darryl argument), and then RatWiki Kroms, who, in spite of only three edits, was waving a big red flag: Oliver Smith. Kroms was blocked as Mikemikev by David Gerard. Gerard shows up again and again in the Smith odyssey, cited as if an omniscient authority. Two edits of Kroms were hidden. The first:

Lysdexia is not Mikemikev, but Mikemikev linked to him here. This Lydexia person is called “autphag” from Kiwi farms. They are a autistic transsexual “race realist”, as weird and deranged as Mikemikev. Just google “autphag”. The funny thing is that Mikemikev and autphag were debating each other about who is better at “race realism” at Kiwi farms. lol. Everyone just laughs at them. They’re both outcasts within their own community. Lysdexia just uses most of Mikmikev’s arguments; neither are well read on science and just parrot the same fallacies.Kroms (talk) 16:24, 26 June 2016 (UTC)

The second:

Michaeldsuarez impersonating on socks

Both PS2 and RaiderFan are the banned Rationalwiki user Michaeldsuarez. He goes around this site creating dozens of accounts impersonating me. Most the sockpuppets on Rome Viharo’s talk are also is. I only ever left one message there.Kroms (talk) 17:25, 26 June 2016 (UTC)

RW Kroms was definitely Oliver. PS2 was also Oliver. RaiderFan was obviously not Oliver, but the claim of impersonation (because RaiderFan used a possible parody name) is pure Oliver Smith. (An account that is obviously not the “target” is not an impersonation, and RaiderFan was confronting Oliver, multiple times. That is why Kroms would say he was being impersonated, because of his TombRaiderFan account or possibly others.) RaiderFan was much later blocked by Debunking spiritualism (Darryl Smith).

Oliver Smith accounts on

I knew about Catapult, but at least one sock existed before that.

Werner Von Croy obvious Oliver, admits drama in 2017. This was right on. The brother story. (Rome Viharo believed that Goblin Face was Oliver, at first. But it was Darryl, Oliver’s brother. Oliver surely knows that, but makes Rome Viharo out to be totally wrong and crazy. The Smiths did get many web sites shut down; they have found that administrators do respond to private complaints, and especially if they come from multiple sources. So, hey, scare up a few others to join, or create socks. Even two different people may be enough. Such as Oliver and Darryl.)


Various accounts have shown up, covered on these pages, but a recent and most interesting Oliver sock was  ageofempires858585 [deleted]. All known edits of this account were collected and linked and when Reddit deletes an account (or the owner deletes it), the contributions still remain readable, and in this set of posts, Oliver was unmistakable and thorough about his views. He also complained about the trollsocks, also listed there. He has previously claimed to not know what his brother was doing, so this was not necessarily a lie. But he has also lied about his brother, which he defended as defending his family. Put this another way: His family may consider it acceptable to lie, presumably for a “good cause.” (Other than this indirect evidence, I have no evidence about family members, other than his apparent twin, nor other than the names of parents and an older brother, none of whom are directly involved, to my knowledge). He lies so much and so often that he may sometimes forget he is on the record. And he may easily forget, then, that he lied, and blame others for reporting what he wrote, as “lying.” Many have summarized this as insanity. I look a little deeper. He has some serious dysfunction, that’s clear. I’m not his psychiatrist, to be sure, but some of what he does is reasonably common in otherwise functional people. Confusing report and interpretation with fact, for example. Confusing belief with reality. Indeed, confusing scientific skepticism with pseudoscience, on the one hand, and pseudoskepticism, on the other. But Oliver is extreme and very active.

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