If you see this page on an archive site, be sure to check the original URL. It may have been updated and errors corrected. I have also promised Smith (and anyone, actually) that if they are described here in a way that they find objectionable, they may submit error corrections and also may submit a defensive response that will be published if it is not itself defamatory of others. I have long invited such corrections, they have never been submitted. Trolls don’t bother.

Oliver D. Smith has arranged for removal of Google search results in the U.K., and possibly in certain other European countries, as acknowledged by “ODS” on RationalWiki. These are his reports, and the redacted name is restored in URLs to enable facilitate finding these. Some of these pages may be highly offensive, listing here is not approval of the pages. However, the complaints themselves show much about Smith. These are in order of the case number, which probably corresponds to date. What is redacted in the original is replaced by his name. If the web site no longer exists, an archive will be sought. Comments and other additions are in italics.

(A removal from search results is only of the specific page removed, it is not site-wide. At this point, these removals are only known to affect Google UK.). I am researching how removal works. The pages removed at Smith’s request are, in some cases, far less defamatory than many of Smith’s article creations and editing on RationalWiki. My comments below are in italics and the headings are also mine. The rest is from the reports. The acceptance of a report apparently does not confirm that the material was actually warranted. I have not found, however, any appeal process. I’m still researching that.

Ironically, I find the complaints themselves defamatory, and the list of pages is useful for discovering what others have said about Smith. In at least two cases, pages were taken down because the authors were tired of being harassed and there are claims of real-life harassment, mostly private, because they know that if they publically confirm them, more harassment will follow. I was warned, and went ahead and published the documentation I found. A small portion of my work is listed here, the most recent claim.

Kiwi Farms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, GethN7
Legal Complaint

These URLS from BlogSpot falsely accuse me of blackmail and being a “terrorist”, among other wild malicious lies and defamation. “I’m being targeted for harassment and blackmail by Oliver D Smith, Donald Carlos Seoane, and the rest of their terrorist friends.”

The quotation is from the “appeal” page below. [page error] arch at

This page reposted the page archived here: [page removed]

These below contain a libellous “pedophile” title put in writing above my head from stolen photos_ (see below) (confirmed below)

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material: calling this “ODS/Atlantid” below. All these removed. however, this search turns up “about 1960” pages]-d-smith-atlantid-tibetanfoothills-markofkri-many-more.17515/page-162[REDACTED]_photo-jpg.160864/ (removed arch. not found) [page not public or taken down, archived at confirms photo) live. from KF ODS/Atlantid page 83, arch. 24 Sep 2016 18:04:09 UTC (removed, arch. at 21 Jan 2017 16:00:24 UTC) (removed, arch. at  18 Oct 2016 01:49:58 UTC) removed, arch. at 4 Apr 2017 20:00:00 UTC removed, arch. 25 Jul 2016 07:45:30 UTC removed, no archive from KF ODS/Atlantid p 156 (see above) arch. 17 Mar 2017 05:49:03 UTC  from KF ODS/Atlantid p 165 arch. 30 Mar 2017 09:37:29 UTC from KF ODS/Atlantid p 164 arch. 28 Mar 2017 07:09:34 UTC  (confirms photo  defamation) from KF ODS/Atlantid page 5, first comment on the page is from ODS with photo and defamation of another. Arch 29 Dec 2016 17:42:28 UTC from KF ODS/Atlantid p. 84 arch. 24 Sep 2016 03:07:51 UTC

The Kiwi Farms pages were taken down, which Smith at one point cited as proving he “is not a lolcow.” If there was ever a lolcow comment, that would be one. “lolcow” is not a factual claim, but someone being widely mocked, as Smith was, may be called that. Looking at the archived pages leads to many more, some of them archived. At some point I may mine these.

This blogspot page quoted an email from Oliver D. Smith. Other pages of interest, an ODS attack blog, like the later one on Emil Kirkegaard. 

This was not in the list, but explains why the GethN7 blog posts were taken down, and it is still up:

It refers to the threats and real-life harassment that have long been alleged regarding the Smith brothers (and possibly “Sam Smith,” about whom I have written little.) Searching for related pages, blatant Smith attacks — entire web sites dedicated to attacking enemies — can be found. The attacks are vicious, more defamatory than anything Smith claims in the report. (Though the “PEDOPHILE” phote was close to the same level.)

 GethN7 wrote another post, indicating his autism, and worth reading about the challenges and special trials of the highly intelligent.

Rome Viharo

Legal Complaint[REDACTED]-[REDACTED]-dark-entanglement/[REDACTED]0/[REDACTED]-smiths-dark-entanglement Wikipediawehaveaproblem is owned by a malicious troll named Rome Viharo who got banned from Wikipedia; his website now cyber-stalks, defames and spreads misinformation about those Wikipedia editors and admins involved banning him. I found myself mentioned on Viharo’s website with libel written about me, such as false allegations of mental illness, fabricating my internet history by lying about what I have supposedly done, and faking legal threats against me. Examples of these defamatory posts can be found in the section below_

This complaint was gratuitously defamatory. Viharo claims to have been abused — along with others — on Wikipedia, and the claims are generally plausible, from my research. Some specifics may be incorrect, but not malicious.

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material: live. points to WWHP blog 20 Mar 2017 02:37:38 UTC

Emil Kirkegaard

Notice Type:

Legal Complaint

The article was written with malice and contains defamation, written to damage my reputation and breaks the Defamation Act 2013 since the article was written to cause serious harm to the reputation of the claimant (myself). As an example_ “[REDACTED] [REDACTED] turns out to be a good internet harasser. He has schizophrenia and is living on government benefits in the UK”. These three malicious claims are false; I don’t have the mental illness described, nor live on government benefits; I’m also not an “internet harasser”, although arguably the person who wrote this smear article about me is. The defamatory article repeats these libellous allegations or descriptions about me such as “His mental condition enables him to OCD-like lock onto some particular person and follow them for years noting down their mostly imaginary misdeeds. Unsurprisingly for a schizophrenic.” and ” [REDACTED] is a persistent, highly motived, sloppy, and dishonest internet stalker”. Again, all …

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material:

The evidence for schizophrenia is thin, but it does exist. The interpretation of obsessive stalking matches my experience. Smith’s emails show a volatility, as if they are coming from more than one person. Further, the activities of the twins have confused many. I do not agree with some of the conclusions from Kirkegaard, but he is, on that page, defending himself from accusations featured in the RationalWiki article on him, and Smith has acknowledged creating that article (and many AP socks have edited it). Smith is attempting to prevent him from defending himself, as he did on RationalWiki: Kirkegaard has been blocked on RationalWiki, and the block made no sense. It’s obvious to me. The person blocking him was looking for an excuse.

I know of no basis for the “living on government benefits” claim, but … there is a huge amount of material by and about Oliver D. Smith (some of which confuses him with his twin, who is also highly disruptive and deceptive, so confusion is common. They love it (and then attack it.)


Notice Type:

Legal Complaint

Rightpedia is a neo-Nazi wiki that creates defamatory articles on liberals, Jewish people and others. My article was written with malice, filled with smears and falsehoods to defame me_ “is a psychotic, socially inept, asexual, misanthropic loner, pathological liar, and geekazoid” All these descriptions are false; “psychotic” being the most defamatory. It repeats the smear of mental illness throughout, for example_ “motivated by psychotic behaviour”, the rest of the article is intentional misinformation and is a clear abuse of Google search to people who search my name.

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material:[Oliver_D._Smith live. Created by Mikemikev,  13 December 2017‎

(That article is within reasonable discretion. It has, by the way, true material that I was roundly attacked for posting, transiently, and that I took down because I write as I research, as a record of it, and it was not necessary to keep it up, the essential material being abstracted and removed. If someone challenges that, it could be returned, but I am still being attacked for showing that, even though it went down long ago.

AP socks — like many trolls — commonly conflate the past and present it with present tense. As an example, a certain person is claimed to be a “pedophile apologist” and “advocate of child rape,” when, in fact, they never did that, but made some remarks seven years ago that, if one squinted or didn’t read the whole post, could look like that. Smith inserted these claims into the RW article that he had created, as if this was characteristic of the person, present tense, when there is no evidence of any ongoing “defense of pedophilia.”)

Cold Fusion Community

Notice Type:

Legal Complaint

This is a smear article written about me to negatively influence Google against my name to damage my reputation and breaks the UK Defamation Act 2013; the entire article reads as a personal attack and is filled with misinformation, but specific defamatory claims include the malicious lie I am a “stalker” or my research is somehow “stalking” and I am a “crank widely exposed as that”.

“[REDACTED]’s research — stalking, actually — demonstrates confirmation bias.”
“He continues to be a crank and has been widely exposed as that. ”

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material:

This page was a conclusion from months of research, during which time I was harassed in many ways, for exposing AP socks on Wikiversity, Wikipedia, and the WMF meta wiki. That culminated in a global ban issued by the Wikimedia Foundation, based on private complaints. I was not informed that there was any investigation and I know of no precedent for this ban, so I’m researching my options at this point. It takes time. But, bottom line, I was protecting others, and I was heavily harassed for it. The RationalWiki articles created by him and his brother regularly call many people, including me, “cranks.” He is, in fact, “widely exposed,” these removals make that clear. These are not one person, there are many, with many different points of view and political positions, but all exposing deception and defamation that goes far beyond the snark and lulz of Encyclopedia Dramatica or Kiwi Farms, or even the snark of RationalWiki, into vicious misrepresentation of fact, intended to defame and harm, extending to real-world harassment, not merely libel. What Oliver D. Smith is doing — established clearly, as Rome Viharo puts it, by his own words — is illegal, but obtaining enforcement is not necessarily easy.

When Smith stated that the page violated the Defamation Act, he was deluded or lying. Here is the Act. 

I have invited Smith to submit corrections to any errors on the page, and as well, to submit personal statements about matters of interpretation. He refused to do so, instead making this complaint, which … only affects the UK. I did not create the Anglo Pyramidologist studies in order to cause personal harm to Smith, so his statement of intention was his own fantasy. That is, in fact, what he does with articles, and is what his brother (probably) was doing creating the RationalWiki article on me. It was revenge.

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