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This is a list of links to the contributions of other wikis with accounts suspected to be an Anglo Pyramidologist, i.e., either Oliver D. or Darryl L. Smith. Because many of these accounts have few edits, and because of possible of impersonation (frequently claimed by the Smiths, though generally unlikely except for obvious trolling accounts), it is possible that a few of these accounts are not a Smith brother. Several accounts are listed for further research, not necessarily because they are a Smith brother. Where there is more than a little doubt, this is specified. For example, FuzzyCatPotato is not suspected of being a Smith brother.

Remarkable in these, particularly on ED, is open admission, with accounts that do not look at all like impersonations, of the two brothers, massively active, with many socks. The pretense that the story of the “Smith brothers” is just a  “conspiracy theory,” which they sold effectively on RationalWiki, is only occasionally asserted on ED..


(Wrongpedia apparently has the domain set to reject archiving, see archive.is showing a 403 error for a series of articles where someone attempted it. So I archived the entire site, including page history and user contribution displays. I had to turn off recognition of robots.txt. There is no simple way to prevent automated archiving of a site while maintaining anonymous public access.) If there is anyone willing to filter this to remove the serious privacy violations, let me know, the material could be published and placed in a public archive.

If the Smiths have raw log access, they can find my IP. Every step they take increases their exposure. I’m nor hiding, they are.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

From revision history for Mikemikev

From revision history for Talk:Mikemikev

From revision history for Oliver D. Smith

(a number of trolling socks probably not a Smith brother)

from history of Talk:Oliver D. Smith

from User talk: JuniusThaddeus

(many comments moved to Archives)

User talk:Abd

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard ‎



To be continued, there are many, many more.




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