October 1, 2019, a rash of trollsocks appeared on RatWiki, some may be considered impersonations. The targets: Smith targets. It’s clear to me that Karlin has been impersonated. I suspected it when I saw the account names, these were classic Smith trolling. However, what nailed it for me: the copying and spamming of text from Karlin’s blog, The RationalWiki Hit Piece on Anatoly Karlin.

This is exactly what the Smiths did to RatWiki with text from my blog with tacked in personal attacks on various RatWiki users, and legal threats, both with me and with him.

(Karlin is in error about some aspects of the situation; for example, his confusion of EK with Arthur Kerensa is naive, and he cites an EK satirical essay, apparently not realizing it was satire)

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A new avalanche appeared October 31, 2019:

One of the redacted names (repeated in various forms) is that of one of my daughters, a minor. The other is the man who was impersonated by Darryl Smith on Wikipedia, creating massive disruption, and that is how I became a target of the Smith brothers, by exposing that.

These trolls are vicious. There is no threat to sue Rats, other than Darryl and Oliver Smith. (Oliver is already sued by Kirkegaard, and my lawsuit is awaiting a judge’s decision before I go ahead and amend the complaint properly, adding new defendants and serving them.) And I have never threatened to sue on that wiki, all those threats and claims that Bongolian was John66, all that, were from Darryl Smith. It’s an old behavior.

If I wanted to be unblocked on RatWiki, I know how to request it. And it certainly would not be this way!!! It appears that the Rats think this was me. I expect more intelligence from Rats. Some of them actually do know what’s been happening, but it does not get talked about because the Smith name must be protected!!! Or else!!!

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  1. None of these accounts are mine. Lomax is doing what he always does – list dozens of accounts and falsely claim I own them with zero evidence – it’s his main method of harassment. Note a RationalWiki sysop only blocked two of the above users as me (DrMackal and Cthonic), but they made a mistake. They’ve admitted this error in private communication, after I questioned them about it a month back.

    1. Far from trying to disrupt Anatoly Karlin, I did the complete opposite and out of good faith pointed out he was wrongly accused of socking and asked for his main account to be unblocked:

      “ProVegan isn’t Karlin, and I’m not Inthecavee. They blocked a bunch of accounts wrongly thinking they’re other people. I personally think the ProVegan edits were on mission and corrected some inaccuracies e.g. Karlin has now one peer-reviewed article (when the article was written a year or more back he didn’t). The ProVegan edits weren’t also promotional, they merely added some anti-vegan comments Karlin had written.[[User:Oak|Oak]] ([[User talk:Oak|talk]]) 19:15, 16 September 2019 (UTC)”

      Time and time again we see the same issue, lack of check-user/IP tool on RationalWiki. Sysops and mods make mistakes all the time blocking accounts. Both myself and Anatoly Karlin was wrongly blocked on accounts we don’t own.

      1. Oliver, you are incredibly self-centered. Yes, accounts have been blocked incorrectly. But, ah, what about me? What about all those socks impersonating me on RatWiki? What about the claim of Debunking Spiritualism that his account had been hacked, and the claim it was me? There may have been hundreds of accounts impersonating me on RatWiki, I’ve never counted them. But DS put up a long list of accounts, and only Abd was me.

    2. There are 134 accounts listed. I claim that one is you, ThrowawayA (and then speculate that it could also be your brother).
      I also speculate that Living is you, and the same for
      Burton. Chtonic looks like you, so I see why EK blocked. If EK claimed that was an error, that would not be proof it was, but you could also ask EK to inform me. I trust EK. (“error” could just mean “it wasn’t clear.”) (And the same about DrMackal)

      I did not claim it in the page, but I think WatchMaker was also you.

      Oliver, there is no doubt that you have socked extensively on RatWiki. However, the massive trollsocking I would not identify with you, unless you are not lying about “no brother,” because it was massive trollsocking that got me involved in this situation, and that was your brother. If there is no brother, it’s all you. Some have believed that. I don’t. I believe these comments here are you, and there is a coherent personality — as well as technical evidence. ZaFrumi was you and was almost certainly technically distinct from all that WMF trollsocking.

      But, Oliver, you just made a false statement. I’m not calling it a lie because it could simply be careless. I did not claim that you own “them”, i.e., dozens of accounts. I claim that the pattern of trollsocking is a “Smith” pattern, which does not necessarily mean you. It means you or your brother. I got quite a few comments today from TOR nodes, and there have been many more in the past. I believe that those were not you. You commented on Reddit extensively, and I’ve identify most of those accounts as you, distinguishing them from the trollsocks, which would likely be your brother.

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