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Afanasyev-Sergei-1 POSTER Cold fusion: superfluidity of deuterons

Afanasyev S.B.
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
The nature of cold fusion (CF) is considered. It is supposed that the reaction of deuterons merger
takes place due to one deuteron, participating in the superfluidity motion, and one deuterons, not
participating in the superfluidity motion, participate in the reaction. The Coulomb barrier is
overcomed due to the kinetic energy of the Bose-condensate motion is very large. The Bosecondensate
forms from delocalized deuterons with taking into account that the effective mass of
delocalized deuterons is smaller than the free deuterons mass.


Posits Bose-Einstein Condensate to overcome Coulomb barrier, energy is distributed among all atoms in the Condensate. Explains reaction rate and helium as product. Class with Kim and Takahashi.


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