In the heart of Planet Rossi

What is “Planet Rossi”? This was originally a pejorative term, apparently coined by Dewey Weaver, for the community that “believes in” Andrea Rossi’s work. However, I recommend to those who support Rossi that they accept the language. “Planet” really just means a community. Human communities will have characteristics, but individual “members” may vary greatly.

There are two hearts to Planet Rossi. The first heart is the Rossi blog, which is how Rossi uses the Journal of Nuclear Physics, regularly commenting there in comments that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the article they are appended to. This is almost the only regular information as to what “Rossi Says.”

The other is (ECW), apparently founded by Frank Acland, who authors most posts. While critics of Andrea Rossi often think that commentary on ECW is heavily censored, I have not personally found that to be so.

The occasion for this post, today, is a discussion on ECW of the recent disclosure of “interested parties” by J.M. Products, see Does Rossi’s “customer” matter?

Extreme skepticism and hostility, as we often see in LENR discussions, is not welcome, but ordinary criticism, civilly expressed, appears to be allowed. I have a total of 540 Disqus posts, as of this writing, the vast majority on, and very few have been deleted — and it appears that deleted posts still show up in my Disqus profile, so deletion there is not as offensive as, say, on

I am on moderation on ECW, which is mildly annoying. Not really my problem, if Frank wants to review everything of mine before allowing it to be read.

I have seen a shift in ECW over the last months. Opinion skeptical of Rossi Says seems more common, and less hysterical, and support seems a bit more muted, a bit more tentative. Except for some, a relative few.

I will be studying comments there, on my page: ECW discussion of J.M. Products ownership.

USQL, JM Products Post Corporate Disclosure Statements: ‘No Parent Company of J.M. Products’

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax


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