Steve Krivit filed a DMCA takedown notice against content here, see Critique of articles – copyright issues. In my training — which he knows about — it is said that if you are not being shot at, you are not doing anything worth wasting ammunition on. So thanks, Steve, for the compliment. It has led me to discover, so I may now write a much more extensive critique of the entire NET site, and the nature of display is such that I will probably write briefer and more pointed critique.

It’s all good. facilitates annotating web pages. It does not store the page content locally, but, for users who choose to access a site through the echo at, annotations may be seen. Anyone may annotate with a free account, and one may reply to annotations. One of the design intentions of was to allow “fact checking” of political claims, where the copyright owner would be hostile to quotation and use DMCA takedown to attempt to prevent it. Because of how operates, a DMCA takedown would not be possible, for only the critique is hosted on (published critique is Creative Commons licensed for reproduction with attribution), as far as I understand so far.

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax


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