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The ICCF-4 Proceedings were originally published and then hosted by EPRI, but that copy has disappeared and the internet archive for it is broken. There is some evidence that EPRI has been acting to remove copies, specifically, New Energy Times had an archive of copies, and that has been taken down, and one of the documents removed there has, associated with it, mention of action from EPRI demanding take-down (this was a letter from an EPRI paralegal, actually withdrawing the particular take-down notice.)

I found broken links to the New Energy Times archival copies, and then searched for those pages on the internet archive, and found the following. Most links there are dead, but all can be tracked back and the documents found.


EPRI-NSF Workshop on Anomalous Effects in Deuterided Metals
October 16-18, 1989, Washington, D.C., Published: August 1993Proceedings: Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion Vol. 1: Plenary Session Papers, TR-104188-V1, July 1994Proceedings: Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion Vol. 2: Calorimetry and Materials Papers, TR-104188-V2, July 1994

Proceedings: Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion Vol. 3: Nuclear Measurements Papers, TR-104188-V3, July 1994

Proceedings: Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion Vol. 4: Theory and Special Topics Papers, TR-104188-V4, July 1994

Development of Advanced Concepts for Nuclear Processes in Deuterated Metals, TR-104195, Research Project 3170-01, August 1994

Development of Energy Production Systems from Heat Produced in Deuterated Metals, Volume 1, TR-107843-V1, June 1998
M4 Excerpts (12 Mb)

Development of Energy Production Systems from Heat Produced in Deuterated Metals, Volume 2, TR-107843-V2, November, 1999

Cavitation-Induced Excess Heat in Deuterated Metals, TR-108474, March 1998

Bush, Ben F. and Lagowski, J.J., “Trace Elements Added to Palladium by Electrolysis in Heavy Water, (Albert Machiels, Thomas Passell, Project Managers) TP-108743, November 1999 (Abstract)

The EPRI-NSF Workshop is the page that had been targeted for take-down. It had in October 2016, what may have been a link to the full text, but that is, by the date of that the NET page archive, not a link but rather a summary. However, the page archive history goes further back.  The actual link was last captured November 11, 2014 and shows a copy of the full text, still accessible on, converted to searchable PDF.

The display of ICCF-4 Proceedings Vol. 1 shows “The page you are seeking has been moved or deleted.” However, tracking versions back, there is the document, as image PDF, live as of April 25, 2015.
TR-104188-V1.pdf. Similarly I found

For the splits to papers linked in the page supra, I used the copies, as searchable PDF, except for a few damaged or redacted pages, which were supplied from the above. I have not uploaded these to our site, but they could be uploaded if necessary. It is enough for now that they are available on For actual study, our purpose here, it is enough to have the papers.

The NET page for TR-104195.pdf is dead, but the link (as above) is directly available, the page error never having been archived.

TR-107843-V1, TR-107843-V2, and TR-108474 are also live as archived similarly.

TP-108743 shows a page error, but, looking back, can be found as linked here.

A current NET page, a later version of the page copied above, was last archived in August of 2018, v2/archives/EPRI-LENR-Archives.shtml and shows links for some of the documents, but others have been removed with this note: “PDF link to report removed on Dec. 20, 2016, by request of EPRI) .” All the other links, though, are dead, including the NSF-EPRI report, even though the take-down notice had been abandoned.

The later technical reports will be separately covered on this blog. They use EPRI page numbering, which is a nuisance in studying them, so I will be converting the tables of contents to show links to actual PDF pages.


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