List of apparent poster abstracts. Some authors who are scheduled to speak may be missing from this list because of how it was compiled.

Afanasyev-Sergei-1 Cold fusion: superfluidity of deuterons
Amini-Farzan-1 Warp Drive Hydro Model For Interactions Between Hydrogen and Nickel
Anderson-Paul-1 The SAFIRE Project – An overview
Barot-Shriji-1 Flow Calorimetry Design for Elevated Temperature Experiments witih Deuterium
Beiting-Edward-2 Generation of High-Temperature Samples and Calorimetric Measurement of Therma
Bergschneider-Matthew-1 Study of a Calorimety Apparatus utilizing Radiation based Heat Transfer
Blake-Russ-2 Further Foundations of Fusion
Bowen-NL-1 A Simple Calculation of the Inter-Nucleon Up-to-Down Quark Bond and its Implications for Nuclear Binding
Egely-George-1 Electric Energy Generation by LENR
Fomitchev-Zamilov-Max-2 Reliable Neutron and Gamma Radiation Detection
fredericks-keith-1 Elliptical tracks and magnetic monopoles
Gibson-Martin-1 A Geometric Understanding of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in the Palladium-Deuterium Lattice
Gordon-Frank-1 Real-time Instrumentation and Digital Processing for LENR Characterization
Grimshaw-Thomas-1 Documentation and Archives of 29 Years of LENR Research by Dr. Edmund Storms
Gutzmann-Emma-GWU-1 Parametric experimental studies of Ni-H electrochemical cells
Hagelstein-Peter-3 Phonon-nuclear coupling matrix element for the low energy E1 transition in Ta-181 and applications
Kaal-Edo-1 The Structured Atom Model – SAM
Kornilova-Alla-1 Stimulation of LENR in Hydroborate Minerals Under the Action of Distant High-Frequency Thermal Waves
Lomax-Abd-ulRahman-1 Correlation and cold fusion
Meyer-Jacob-1 On the Oxidation of Palladium
Miles-Melvin-2 Calorimetric Insights From Fleschmann Letters
Miles-Melvin-3 No Steady State For Open Isoperibolic Calorimetry
Mosier-Boss-Pamela-2 Overview of Pd/D Co-deposition
Olafsson-Sveinn-2 Adler-Bill-Jakiw anomaly in electroweak interactions, the 3p+  3L* process and links to spontaneous UHD decay and transmutation process
Olafsson-Sveinn-3 Volcanism in Iceland, Cold fusion and Rydberg matter
Olafsson-Sveinn-4 Conductivity of Rydberg matter
Olafsson-Sveinn-5 Rydberg matter experimental setup in Iceland
Papadatos-Gabriel-GWU-1 Electrical, thermal and chemical simulations of Ni-H electrochemical cells
Plekhanov-VG-1 A possible signature of neutron quarks – lepton interaction in solids
Prevenslik-Thomas-2 X-ray emission in LENR by Zero Point Energy or simple QED?
Ruer-Jacques-1 Chemical Heat Generation in LENR
Scholkmann-Felix-GWU-1 Complex current fluctuations in Ni-H electrochemical experiments: Characterization using non-liner signal analysis
Storms-Edmund-3 The strange behavior of catalysts made from Pd or Pt applied to Al2O3
Stringham-Roger-2 A Deuteron Plasma Driven to Neutrality and 4He
Tarassenko-Gennadiy-1 The Mechanism of Formation of LENR in Earth’s Crust
Vysotskii-Vladimir-3 Generation and Registration of Undamped Temperature Waves at Large Distance in LENR Related Experiments
Vysotskii-Vladimir-4 Controlled transmutation of Na, P and Mn to Fe isotopes in D2O and H2O during growth of yeast Saccharomyces cerevesiae
Whitehouse-Harper-1 Electrochemical Immittance and Transfer-function Spectroscopy applied to LENR
Zeiner-Gundersen-Sindre-2 Distance dependency of spontaneous decay signal from ultra dense hydrogen source
Zeiner-Gundersen-Sindre-3 Pulse shape and PMT stabilization period from spontaneous signal from a ultra dense hydrogen source
Zhang-Hang-1 Experimental on hydrogen carrying metal glow discharge
Ziehm-Erik-1 Detecting Charged Particles in LENR Applications using CR-39
Zuppero-Anthony-1 Electron Quasiparticle Catalysis of Nuclear Reactions

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