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Anomalous nuclear effects in deuterium/solid systems


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Conference title Workshop on Anomalous Nuclear Effects in Deuterium-Solid Systems
Related conference title(s) Anomalous Nuclear Effects in Deuterium-Solid Systems, Provo, UT, USA
Date(s), location 22 – 24 Oct 1990, Provo, UT, USA
Editor(s) Jones, Steven E (ed.) ; Scaramuzzi, Franco (ed.) ; Worledge, David (ed.)
Imprint New York, NY : AIP, 1991 – 958 p.
Series (AIP Conference Proceedings ; 228)
ISBN 0883188333 (This book at Amazon)
9780883188330 (This book at Amazon)

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Measurement of a very low neutron background within a significant gamma‐ray environment by means of a coincidence spectrometer with n‐γ pulse‐shape discrimination
S. Affatato, A. Bertin, M. Bruschi, D. Bulgarelli, V. M. Bystritsky, M. Capponi, I. D’Antone, S. De Castro, D. Galli, U. Marconi, I. Massa, M. Morganti, C. Moroni, M. Piccinini, M. Poli, N. Semprini‐Cesari, M. Villa, A. Vitale, G. Zavattini, and A. Zoccoli
Comment on a experiment at Yale on cold fusion
Alan N. Anderson, and Steven E. Jones
Neutron measurements in search of cold fusion
R. E. Anderson, C. A. Goulding, M. W. Johnson, K. B. Butterfield, S. Gottesfeld, D. A. Baker, T. E. Springer, F. H. Garzon, R. D. Bolton, E. M. Leonard, and T. Chancellor
Measurements in the Gran Sasso Laboratory: Evidence for nuclear effects in electrolysis with Pd/Ti and in different tests with deuterated high temperature superconductors
F. Celani, A. Spallone, L. Liberatori, B. Stella, F. Ferrarotto, M. Corradi, P. Marini, S. Fortunati, and M. Tului
Emission of neutron bursts from a titanium‐deuterium gas system in a high‐efficiency low‐background experimental setup
A. De Ninno, F. Scaramuzzi, C. Pontorieri, and P. Zeppa
Nuclear effects in electrolytically deuterated Ti and Pd electrodes
F. Fernández, J. Sevilla, B. Escarpizo, and C. Sánchez
Observation of nuclear particles and their correlation with acoustic and electromagnetic emission from palladium targets loaded by deuterium
P. I. Golubnichyi, A. D. Philonenko, A. A. Tsaric, E. P. Kovalchuk, G. I. Merzon, and V. A. Tsarev
Recording of neutron and acoustic emissions from palladium target in a low background underground experiment
P. I. Golubnichyi, A. D. Philonenko, A. A. Tsaric, V. V. Kuzminov, B. V. Pritichenko, G. I. Merzon, and V. A. Tsarev
Neutron measurements on (Pd‐D2O) electrolytic cells under pulsed current conditions
J. R. Granada, R. E. Mayer, P. C. Florido, G. Guido, V. H. Gillette, S. E. Gómez, N. E. Patiño, and A. Larreteguy
Investigations of mechanisms and occurrence of meteorologically triggered cold fusion at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
N. Hawkins, S. Sh Yi, X. Zh. Qi, X. D. Li, L. Wang, and Q. X. Zu
Experimental study on anomalous neutron production in deuterium/solid system
He Jianyu, Zhu Rongbao, Wang Xiaozhong, Lu Feng, Luo Longjun, Liu Hengjun, Jiang Jincai, Tian Baosheng, Chen Guoan, Yuan Yuan, Dong Baiting, Yang Liucheng, Qiao Shengzhong, Yi Guoan, Guo Hua, Ding Dazhao, and H. O. Menlove
In quest of a trigger mechanism for neutron emissions from deuterium/solid systems
S. E. Jones, D. Bennion, D. Buehler, J. B. Czirr, D. L. Decker, J. Harb, R. Hunter, G. L. Jensen, E. P. Palmer, W. Pitt, S. Taylor, J. Thorne, D. Tolley, and J. C. Wang
Stress‐induced uphill diffusion of deuterium in palladium
Jacob Jorné
Anomalous heat output from Pd cathodes without detectable nuclear products
A. C. Klein, L. L. Zahm, S. E. Binney, J. N. Reyes Jr., J. F. Higginbotham, A. H. Robinson, M. Daniels, and R. B. Peterson
On the possibility of cold nuclear fusion in Fe‐Zr amorphous alloy
E. Kuzmann, A. Vértes, M. Varsányi, L. Kiss, L. Korecz, F. Deák, Á. Kiss, and T. Masumoto
Neutron emission from low energy deuteron injection of deuteron‐implanted metal foils (Pd, Ti and In)
J. S. C. McKee, G. R. Smith, J. J. G. Durocher, K. Furutani, C. B. Kwok, H. L. Johnston, M. S. Mathur, J. K. Mayer, A. Mirzai, Y. H. Yeo, K. S. Sharma, and G. Williams
Reproducible neutron emission measurements from Ti metal in pressurized D2 gas
H. O. Menlove, M. A. Paciotti, T. N. Claytor, H. R. Maltrud, O. M. Rivera, D. G. Tuggle, and S. E. Jones
Statistical analysis of a ‘‘cold fusion’’ experiment
W. E. Meyerhof
Neutron spectra from D2O–Pd cells with pulse electrolysis
A. Takahashi, T. Takeuchi, T. Iida, and M. Watanabe
Neutron emission from deuterium‐loaded metals
K. L. Wolf, J. Shoemaker, D. E. Coe, and L. Whitesell
Nuclear fusion induced by the controlled out‐transport of deuterons in palladium
Eiichi Yamaguchi, and Takashi Nishioka
Observation of charged particle bursts from deuterium loaded thin titanium foils
F. E. Cecil, H. Liu, D. Beddingfield, and C. S. Galovich
Search for energetic charged particle reaction products during deuterium charging of metal lattices
G. P. Chambers, G. K. Hubler, and K. S. Grabowski
Preliminary results from the BYU charged‐particle spectrometer
Steven E. Jones, Troy K. Bartlett, David B. Buehler, J. Bart Czirr, Gary L. Jensen, and J. C. Wang
The precursor of ‘‘cold fusion’’ phenomenon in deuterium/solid systems
Xingzhong Li, Shiyuan Dong, Keli Wang, Yueying Feng, Lee Chang, Chengmo Luo, Renyong Hu, Pingli Zhou, Dawei Mo, Yongfa Zhu, Chongli Song, Yingtang Chen, Minyan Yao, Chuang Ren, and Qiankun Chen
Search for charged‐particle d‐d fusion products in an encapsulated Pd thin film
E. López, B. Neuhauser, F. Ziemba, J. Jackson, E. Mapoles, J. McVittie, and R. Powell
High sensitivity measurement of charged particles emitted during pulsed electrolysis of D2O
Ryoichi Taniguchi, and Takao Yamamoto
Relation between charged particle emission and induced anode current pulses accompanying D2O electrolysis
Ryoichi Taniguchi, and Takao Yamamoto
Tritium analysis in palladium with an open system analytical procedure
K. Cedzynska, S. C. Barrowes, H. E. Bergeson, L. C. Knight, and F. G. Will
Tritium and neutron measurements from deuterated Pd‐Si
T. N. Claytor, D. G. Tuggle, H. O. Menlove, P. A. Seeger, W. R. Doty, and R. K. Rohwer
First results from a ten electrolytic cells experiment
D. Gozzi, P. L. Cignini, L. Petrucci, M. Tomellini, S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, F. Ghio, M. Jodice, and G. M. Urciuoli
Tritium production process ‐ comparison between neutron emission rate and tritium production rate
Osamu Matsumoto, Kan Kimura, Yuko Saito, Haruo Uyama, and Tsuyoshi Yaita
Detection of reaction products induced in plasma focus electrodes
G. H. Miley, O. Barnouin, and B. Temple
Observation of tritium in gas/plasma loaded titanium samples
M. Srinivasan, A. Shyam, T. C. Kaushik, R. K. Rout, L. V. Kulkarni, M. S. Krishnan, S. K. Malhotra, V. G. Nagvenkar, and P. K. Iyengar
The effect of hydriding on the physical structure of palladium and on the release of contained tritium
Edmund Storms, and Carol Talcott‐Storms
Attempt to confirm the x‐ray radiography results reported by S. Szpak et al.
Zhong‐Qun Tian, Steven C. Barrowes, and Haven E. Bergeson
Tritium and tritons in cold fusion
K. L. Wolf, L. Whitesell, H. Jabs, and J. Shoemaker
Calorimetric observation combined with the detection of particle emissions during the electrolysis of heavy water
Zhong L. Zhang, Bao Z. Yan, Ming G. Wang, Jin Gu, and Fu Tan
The effect of electron screening and velocity distribution on proton‐deuterium fusion rates in Jupiter
Gary S. Chulick, Robert A. Rice, and Yeong E. Kim
Nuclear fusion in Jupiter
Mariusz Gajda, and Johann Rafelski
Cold‐nuclear fusion within the core of the Earth?
Lanny R. McHargue, Paul E. Damon, and Timothy D. Swindle
Cold nuclear fusion in the Earth
E. Paul Palmer
Examination of the possibility of cold nuclear fusion occurring within the Earth’s mantle
Eugen V. Sheely
Computer simulation of D atoms in a Pd lattice
M. Berrondo
Production of tritium, neutrons, and heat based on the transmission resonance model (TRM) for cold fusion
Robert T. Bush
(D+D+)2e− binuclear atoms as activated precursors in cold and warm fusion
G. F. Cerofolini, N. Re, and A. Foglio Para
Fracto‐acceleration model of cold nuclear fusion
V. A. Chechin, V. A. Tsarev, P. I. Golubnichyi, A. D. Philonenko, and A. A. Tsarik
Lattice induced nuclear chemistry
Scott R. Chubb, and Talbot A. Chubb
Fluctuations and nonreproducibility in cold fusion from free quark catalysis
Luciano Fonda, and Gordon L. Shaw
Theory of electron catalyzed fusion in Pd lattice
Michal Gryzinski
Coherent fusion mechanisms
Peter L. Hagelstein
Influence of surface tension, nucleation centers, and electron effective mass on the achievable level of electrolytic deuterium loading
Peter H. Handel
Pressure enhanced fusion rates in lattice channels
M. Jan̈del, and M. Sahrling
Point‐effect and non‐equilibrium conditions in electrolysis experiments
X. L. Jiang, N. Xu, and L. J. Han
Surface‐reaction theory of coland and warm fusion
Y. E. Kim
Progresses in NATTOH model and new [particles] emitted during cold fusion
T. Matsumoto
Fractofusion revisited
Giuliano Preparata
Cluster‐impact fusion: Bridge between hot and cold fusion?
M. Rabinowitz, Y. E. Kim, R. A. Rice, and G. S. Chulick
Nuclear effects in the collapsing lattice model for deuterated palladium: New results
Eugenio Tabet, and Alexander Tenenbaum
The roles of coherency and intermittency on D‐D fusion reaction in PdDx deuteride
H. Takahashi
The theory of non[threshold] cold fusion in solids (experimental addendum: Observation of fast neutrons and tritium)
V. I. Vysotskii, and R. N. Kuz’min
Coupled channel model for ultra‐low energy deuteron‐deuteron fusion
W. Żakowicz, and J. Rafelski
Summary of progress
David H. Worledge

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