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International Conference for Cold Fusion (ICCF)
also known as
International Conference for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCMNS)

… and there are other organizations involved that have held conferences with proceedings issued.

LANL Workshop on Cold Fusion Phenomena May 23-25, 1989 (abstracts)

EPRI-NSF, Washington, DC, October 16-18, 1989

Where I have not yet split the proceedings into individual papers, and where I have found them, I here link to copies or similar resources. ICCF Proceedings are now routinely being published as JCMNS volumes, and those are all split and hosted here.

ICCF-1, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 28-31, 1990
ICCF-2 , Como, Italy, June 29-July 4, 1991
ICCF-3, Nagoya, Japan, October 21 – 25, 1992
ICCF-4 , Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, December 6-9, 1993
ICCF-5, Monte Carlo, Monaco, April 9-13, 1995
ICCF-6, Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan, October 13th – 18th 1996
ICCF-7, Vancouver, Canada, April 19-24, 1998. review by Jed Rothwell. abstracts (partial list), part 1, part 2, part 3Some documents. (copies in libraries)
ICCF-8, Lerici (La Spezia), Italy, 21-26 May 2000 see for some papers
ICCF-9, Beijing, China, 2002, May 19 – 24, 2002 (our page is incomplete, based on, we are looking for a copy of the Proceedings.
ICCF-10, Cambridge, Massachusetts 24 – 29 August 2003, see That is incomplete, we have the printed Proceedings and will complete it.
ICCF-11, Marseilles, France. Book is available on World Scientific and Amazon. Most papers are on (index to this volume created from the World Scientific site, but we have no copy of the proceedings. Our page links to copies and notes where those don’t exist.)
ICCF-12, Yokahama, Japan, 27 November – 2 December 2005. We have a paper copy of Proceedings. Some papers.
ICCF-13, Dagomys, Sochi, Russia,  June 25 – July 1, 2007. There is almost no mention of this conference on Documents were hosted on for a time. Those have disappeared, but can be found on and, including a table of contents. The program and abstracts. (no longer hosted on NET, found on
ICCF-14, Washington, D.C., 10-15 August 2008.
ICCF-15, Roma, Italy, October 5 – 9, 2009, ENEA Proceedings, linked from ENEA.
ICCF-16, Chennai, India, February 2011, jcmns/v8 and jcmns/v10
ICCF-17, Daejeon, South Korea, 2012. We have preprints for all presentations. Proceedings jcmns/v13.
ICCF-18, Columbia, Missouri, July 21 – 27, 2013. jcmns/v15
ICCF-19, Padua, Italy, April 13–17, 2015, jcmns/v19
ICCF-20, Sendai, Japan, October 02–07, 2016,  jcmns/v24
ICCF-21, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 03–08, 2018, jcmns/v29/

International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen/Deuterium Loaded Metals (IWAHLM)

IWAHLM-8, Catania, Italy, 13-18 October 2007
IWAHLM-11, Toulouse, France, October 15–16, 2015, jcmns/v23
IWAHLM-12, Asti, Italy, June 5–9, 2017, jcmns/v26.
IWAHLM-13 is scheduled for 5-9 October 2018, Greccio, Italy.

Do other IWAHLM proceedings exist? I have found references to these IWAHLM events:

IWAHLM-9, 17 – 19 September 2010, page on conference. Program.
IWAHLM-10, Pontignano (Siena)-Italy; 10-14 April 2012. Program. Abstracts.
IWAHLM-6,  Certosa di Pontignano, (Siena)-Italy, 2005.

IWAHLM-7, Asti, Italy, September 23-25, 2006, article includes program, and notes that Asti workshops were started in 1993.
IWAHLM-5, Asti, Italy, 2004.
Asti Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen-Loaded Metals, Asti, Italy, November 27-30, 1997. Articles about this conference. (what number was this? From clues, this would be IWAHLM-3.

The 1997 article mentions the history, workshops started in 1993 by a Fiat executive.
IWAHLM-2 October 1995. Truffle Prizes to Akito Takahashi and Francesco Piantelli.
IWAHLM-1  Villa Ricardo, Asti, Italy. Truffle Prize to Yan Kucherov.

Japan CF Research Society

JCF has available Proceedings, from all JCF Conferences since JCF-4 ( 2002) through JCF-17 (2017). There were also abstracts available from JCF 1 through 3, but those have gone down. It might be possible to find them.

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