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Table of Contents
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Cold Fusion – ICCF5 9- 13 April, 1995 – Monte Carlo, Monaco
Session 1 – Introduction
1 Status of “Cold Fusion”. Edmund Storms
Session 2 – Calorimetry and Excess Power
17 Concerning Reproducibility of Excess Power Production. MCH McKubre, S Crouch-Baker, A.K. Hauser, Sl Smedley, F.L. Tanzella, MS Williams, SS Wing
34 Power Excess Production in Electrolysis Experiments at ENEA Frascati. L. Bertalot, A. De Ninno, F. De Marco, A. La Barbera, F. Scaramuzzi, V. Violante
41 Anomalous Heat Evolution Of Deuteron Implanted Al on Electron Bombardment. K. Kamada, H Kinoshita, H Takahashi
49 Excess Heat Measurement in AlLaO3 Doped With Deuterium. Jean-Paul Biberian
57 High Power μs Pulsed Electrolysis using Palladium Wires: Evidence for a Possible “Phase” Transition under Deuterium Overloaded Conditions and Related Excess Heat. F. Celani, A. Spallone, P. Tripodi, A. Petrocchi, D. Di Gioacchino, P. Marini, V. Di Stefano, S. Pace, A. Mancini
69 Experimental Correlation between Excess Heat and Nuclear Products. A. Takahashi, T. Inokuchi, Y. Chimi, T. Ikegawa, N. Kaji, Y. Nitta, K. Kobayashi, M. Taniguchi
79 Flowing Electrolyte Calorimetry. Dennis Cravens
87 Present Status and the Perspective of New Hydrogen Energy Project. Naoto Asami, Kazuaki Matsui, Fumihiko Hasegawa
97 The Extraction of Information from an Integrating Open Calorimeter in Fleischmann Pons Effect Experiments. Melvin H. Miles
105 Studies on Fleischmann-Pons Calorimetry with ICARUS 1. Toshiya Saito, Masao Sumi, Naoto Asami, Hideo Ikegami
116 Correlation of Excess Heat and Neutron Emission in Pd-Li-D Electrolysis. H. Ogawa, S. Yoshida, Y. Yoshinaga, M. Aida, M. Okamoto
120 Simultaneous Measurement Device ·of Heat and Neutron of Heavy Water Electrolysis with Palladium Cathode. Y. Asaoka, T. Jchiji, T. Fujita, T. Matsumura
124 Heat Production and Trial to Detect Nuclear Products from Palladium-Deuterium Electrolysis Cells. Shigeru Isagawa, Yukio Kanda, Takenori Suzuki
132 Effect of Boron for the Heat Production at the Heavy Water Electrolysis Using Palladium Cathodes. K. Ota, K. Yamaki, S. Tanabe, H. Yoshitake, N. Kamiya
136 Electrolysis of Heavy Water with a Palladium and Sulfate Composite. G. Noble, J. Dash, M. Breiling, L. McNasser
140 More about Positive Feedback; More about Boiling. M. Fleischmann
152 The Experimenters’ Regress. M. Fleischmann
Session 3 – Nuclear Measurements and Instrumentation
163 Some Experiments on the Decrease of the Radioactivity of Tritium Sorbed by Titanium. Otto Reifenschweiler
173 Evidence For Tritium Generation in Self-Heated Nickel Wires Subjected to Hydrogen Gas Absorption/Desorption Cycles. T.K. Sankaranarayanan, M. Srinivasan, M.B. Bajpai, D.S. Gupta
181 Observation of High Multiplicity Bursts of Neutrons During Electrolysis of Heavy Water with Palladium Cathode Using the Dead Time Filtering Technique. A. Shyam, M. Srinivasan, T.C. Kaushik, L.V. Kulkarni
189 Observation of Nuclear Products under Vacuum Condition from Deuterated Palladium with High Loading Ratio. Takehiko Itoh, Yasuhiro Iwamura, Nobuaki Gotoh, Ichiro Toyoda
197 Characteristic X-Ray and Neutron Emissions from Electrochemically Deuterated Palladium. Yasuhiro Iwamura, Nobuaki Gotoh, Takehiko Itoh, Ichiro Toyoda
http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/PonsSproceedinga.pdf (2nd part) 440 pages 29.4 MB
201 Cold Fusion and Anomalous Effects in Deuteron Conductors during Non-Stationary High-Temperature Electrolysis. A.L. Samgin, O.V. Finodeyev, S.A. Tsvetkov, V.S. Andreev, VA. Khokhlov, E.S Filatov, I.V. Murygin, V.P. Gorelov, S.V. Vakarin
209 Radioactivity of the Cathode Samples After Glow Discharge. I.B. Savvatimova, A.B. Karabut
213 Nuclear Reaction Products Registration on the Cathode after Glow, Discharge. Irina Savvatimova, Aleksandr Karabut
223 Excess Heat Measurements In Glow Discharge Using Flow “Calorimeter-2”. A.B. Karabut, Ya.R. Kucherov, I.B. Savvatimova
227 Influence of Perfection of the Sodium Tungsten Bronze Single Crystals on Neutron Emission. S.V. Vakarin, A.L. Samgin, V.S. Andreev, S.A. Tsvetkov
233 Search For 4He Production from Pd/D2 Systems in Gas Phase. E. Botta, R. Bracco, T Bressani, D. Calvo, V. Cela, C. Fanara, U Ferracin, F. Iazzi
241 High Energy Phenomena In Glow Discharge Experiments. A.B. Karabut, S.A. Kolomeychenko, I.B. Savvatimova
251 D2 Release Process from Deuterated Palladium in a Vacuum  K. Shikano, H. Shinojima, H. Kanbe
255 Studies of d-d Reactions in Deuterated Palladium by using Low-Energy Deuterium Ion Bombardment. Hiroyuki Shinojima, Takashi Nishioka, Koji Shikano, Hiroshi Kanbe
259 Neutrons Observations in Cold Fusion Experiments. Lino Daddi
Session 4 – Theory and Modelling
265 Setting Cold Fusion in Context: A Reply. Giuliano Preparata
285 Solving the Puzzle of Excess Heat without Strong Nuclear Radiation. Xing Zhong Li
293 Uncertainties of the Conventional Theories and New Improved Formulations of Low Energy Nuclear Fusion Reactions. Yeong E. Kim, Alexander L. Zubarev
315 The Ion Band State Theory. T.A. Chubb, S.R. Chubb
327 Update on Neutron Transfer Reactions. Peter L. Hagelstein
339 The Electron Catalyzed Fusion Model (ECFM) Reconsidered with Special Emphasis upon the Production of Tritium and Neutrons. R. Bush
343 A Model For The Impurity Promotion and Inhibition of the Excess Heat Effects of Cold Fusion. R. Bush
347 Nuclear Processes in Trapped Neutron Catalyzed Model for Cold Fusion. Hideo Kozima, Seiji Watanabe
355 Collision between Two Deuterons in Condensed Matter: Ion Trap Mechanism. V. Violante, A. De Ninno
361 On One of Energy Generation Mechanism In Unitary Quantum Theory. Lev G. Sapogin
367 Optimization of Output in a Cold Fusion Generator. Robert Indech, Rubin Karshenboym
373 Two-Dimensional Proton Conductors. William S. Page
379 Centripetal De Broglie Wave Fields Connected to Particles at Rest Explain Cold Fusion and the Particle Wave Duality. Olaf Sundin
Session 5 – Cathode Loading and Materials
383 Materials/Surface Aspects of Hydrogen/Deuterium Loading into Pd Cathode. J. Minato, T. Nakata, S. Denzumi, Y. Yamamoto, A. Takahashi, H Aida, Y. Tsuchida, H Akita, K. Kunimatsu
407 Numerical Simulation of Deuterium Loading Profile in Palladium and Palladium Alloy Plates from Experimental Data Obtained using μs Pulsed Electrolysis. F. Celani, A. Petrocchi, A. Spallone, P. Tripodi, D. DiGioacchino, M Nakamura, P. Marini, V. Di Stefano, G. Preparata, M Verpelli
411 Study of Deuterium Charging Behaviour in Palladium and Palladium Alloy Plates, Changing Surface Treatments, by μs Pulsed Electrolysis. F. Celani, A. Spallone, P. Tripodi, A. Petrocchi, D. Di Gioacchino, P. Marini, V. Di Stefano, M Diociaiuti, A. Mancini
419 Approach to Obtain Higher Deuterium Loading Ratios of Palladium Cathodes. Hikaru Okamoto, Toshiyuki Sano, Yosuke Oyabe, Toshihisa Terazawa, Tamio Ohi
431 Some Thermodynamic Properties of the H(D)-Pd System. S. Crouch-Baker, M.C.H McKubre, F.L. Tanzella
441 An Experimental Method to Measure the Rate of H(D)-absorption by a Pd Cathode during the Electrolysis of an Aqueous Solution: Advantages and Disadvantages. M Algueró, JF. Fernandez, F. Cuevas, C. Sanchez
449 Electrolytic Deuterium Absorption by Pd Cathode and a Consideration for High D/Pd Ratio. N. Hasegawa, M Sumi, M Takahashi, T. Senjuh, N. Asami, T. Sakai, T. Shigemitsu
457 An Experimental System for “Cold Fusion” Experiments with Self-Produced Iodide Titanium Films. F. Cuevas, JF. Fernández, M Algueró, C. Sánchez
461 Protocol For Controlled and Rapid Loading/Unloading of H2/D2 Gas in Self-Heated Pd Wires To Trigger Nuclear Events. A.B. Garg, R.K. Rout, M Srinivasan, T.K. Sankaranarayanan, A. Shyam, L. V. Kulkarni
465 Preliminary Results on the Variation of Electrical Resistance of a TiDx Wire with Deuterium Concentration. V.K. Shrikhande, T.C Kaushik, S.K.H Auluck, A. Shyam, M Srinivasan
469 Boson Condensation Involved in Radiation-less Fusion. II Spinodal Decomposition of Palladiuml/Palladium Deuteride System and the Andreev Effect. James T. Waber, Ouliana L. Egorova-Cheesman
Session 6 – New Developments, Approaches and Systems
483 Excess Heat and Mechanism in Cold Fusion Reaction. Y Arata, Y-C Zhang
495 Excess Energy in the System Palladium/Hydrogen Isotopes. Measurement of the Excess Energy per Atom Hydrogen. J. Dufour, J. Foos, J.P. Millot
505 Cold Fusion in Terms of New Quantum Chemistry: The Role of Magnetic Interactions in Dense Physica [sic] Media. R.D. Antanasijevic, Dj. Konjevic, Z. Marie, D.M Sevic, J.P. Vigier, A.J. Zaric
523 Sonofusion. Compressibility of Liquid and Stability of Spherical Cavity. Kenji Fukushima
531 Nuclear Products of Cold Fusion Caused by Electrolysis in Alkali Metallic Ions [sic] Solutions. Reiko Notoya
539 Biological Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation. T. V. Prevenslik
547 Anomalous Heat Effects and Cold Fusion in KD2PO4 Crystals on the Ferroelectric Phase Transition. V.A. Kuznetsov, A.G. Lipson, E.I. Saunin, T.S. Ivanova
563 Possible Observation of the First Excited State of He4 Nucleus According to the γ-Emission Data in KD2PO4 Crystals upon Transition through Curie Point. A.G. Lipson, I.I. Bardyshev, D.M Sakov
571 Amplification of the Neutron Flux Transmitted through KD2PO4 Single Crystal at the Ferroelectric Phase Transition State. A.G. Lipson, D.M Sakov
579  In Situ ERD Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes during Deuterium Implantation of Pd. Akira Kitamura, Takakazu Saitoh, Hiroshi Itoh
583 Cold Fusion Experiments using Sparking Discharges in Water. Takaaki Matsumoto
589 A Development Approach for Cold Fusion. Bruce Klein
597 A Model For Commercialization Utilizing Patents. Frederick G. Jaeger
603 Charting the Way Forward in the EPRI Research Program on Deuterated Metals. Thomas O. Passell
619 Synthesis of Substance and Generation of Heat in Charcoal Cathode in Electrolysis of H2O and D2O using Various Alkalihydrooxides [sic]. Ryoji Takahashi
623 Experimental Evidences for the Harmonic Oscillator Resonance and Electron Accumulation Model of Cold Fusion. Michel Rambaut
627 Nuclear Reactions of Cold Fusion: A Systematic Study. WJ.MF. Collis
631 Transformation from Heat of Low Temperature Sources into Work; Fundamentals for a Maximum of Efficiency. Maurizio Vignati
635 Cold Fusion and Quantum Mechanics. Alexandre Laforgue
639 Author Index

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