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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cold Fusion

Frontiers of Cold Fusion

October 21 – 25, 1992, Nagoya, Japan

Edited by
H. Ikegami
National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

©Universal Academy Press, Inc., 1993
ISBN 4-946443-12-6

front matter includes photo, preface, and table of contents.

H. Ikegami
I. Invited Papers
Excess Heat
Excess Power Observations in Electrochemical Studies of the D/Pd System; the Influence of Loading
M. C. H. McKubre, S. Crouch-Baker, A. M. Riley, S. I. Smedley and F. L. Tanzella
Measurement of Excess Heat from a Pons-Fleischmann Type Electrolytic Cell
E. Storms
Deuterium Loading Ratio and Excess Heat Generation during Electrolysis of Heavy Water by a Palladium Cathode in a Closed Cell Using a Partially Immersed Fuel Cell Anode
K. Kunimatsu, N. Hasegawa, A. Kubota, N. Imai, M. Ishikawa, H. Akita and Y. Tsuchida
Calorimetry of the PD·D20 System: from Simplicity via Complications to Simplicity
M. Fleischmann and S. Pons
Electrochemical Calorimetry of D20 Electrolysis Using a Palladium Cathode in a Closed Cell System
N. Oyama, T. Terashima, S. Kasahara, O. Hatozaki, T. Ohsaka and T. Tatsuma
Heat Production at the Heavy Water Electrolysis Using Mechanically Treated Pd Cathode
K. Ota, M. Kurats1lka, K. Ando, Y. Iida, H. Yoshitake and N. Kamiya
Repeated Heat Bursts in the Electrolysis of D20
C. M. Wan, C. J. Lihn, Z. H. Chin, C. Y. Liang, S. K. Chen, C. C. Wan and T. P. Pemg
Anomalous Excess Heat by D20/Pd Cell under L-H Mode Electrolysis
A. Takahashi, A. Mega, T. Takeuchi, H. Miyamaru and T. Iida
Measurements of Excess Heat and Tritium during Self-Biased Pulsed Electrolysis of Pd-D20
F. Celani, A. Spallone, P. Tripodi and A. Nuvoli
“Quasi-Plasma” Transport Model in Deuterium Overloaded Palladium Cathodes
A. de Ninno and V. Violante
Calorimetric Principles and Problems in Pd-D20 Electrolysis
M. H. Miles and B. F. Bush
Tritium and Excess Heat Generation during Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions of Alkali
M. Srinivasan, A. Shyam, T. K. Sankaranarayanan, M. B. Bajpai, H. Ramamurthy, U. K. Mukherjee, M. S. Krishnan, M. G. Nayar and Y. P. Naik
The January 2, 1992, Explosion in a Deuterium/Palladium Electrolytic System at SRI International
S. I. Smedley, S. Crouch-Baker, M. C. H. McKubre and F. L. Tanzella
Nuclear Products
Experiments with Global Detection of Cold Fusion Byproducts
D. Gozzi, P. L. Cignini, R. Caputo,M. Tomellini, G. Balducci, G. Gigli, E. Cis bani, S. Fhdlani, F. Garibaldi, M. Jodice and G. M. Urciuoli
Possible Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms at Glow Discharge in Deuterium
A. B. Kambut, Y. R. Kucherov, I. B. Savvatimova
Experimental Studies on the Anomalous Phenomenon in Pd Metal Loaded with Deuterium
D. L. Wang, S. H. Chen, D. X. Fan, W. J. Chen, Y. J. Li, Y. B. Fu and X. W. Zhang
Energy of the Neutrons Emitted in Heavy Water Electrolysis
M. Nakada, T. Kusunoki and M. Okamoto
Direct Evidence for Nuclear Fusion Reactions in Deuterated Palladium
E. Yamaguchi and T. Nishioka
Search for Anomalous Effects Involving Excess Power and Helium during D20 Electrolysis Using Palladium Cathodes
M. H. Miles and B. F. Bush
Deuteron Fusion Experiment with Ti and Pd Foils Implanted with Deuteron Beams
T. !ida, M. Fukuham, H. Miyazaki, Y. Sueyoshi, Sunarno, J. Datemichi and A. Takahashi
Observation of High Energy Protons Emitted in the TiDx + D Reaction at Ed = 150 keY and Anomalous Concentration of 3He
J. Kasagi, K. Ishii, M. Himga and K. Yoshiham
Evolution of Tritium from Deuterided Palladium Subject to High Electrical Currents
T. N. Claytor, D. G. Tuggle and S. F. Taylor
Tritium and Helium Production in Palladium Electrodes and the Fugacity of Deuterium Therein
J. O’M. Bockris, C. Chien, D. Hodko and Z. Minevski
Reproducible Nuclear Reactions during Interaction of Deuterium with Oxide Tungsten Bronze
K. Kaliev, A. Bamboshkin, A. Samgin, E. Golikov, A. Shalyapin, V. Andreev and P. Goluburchiy
Is Reported “Excess Heat” Due to Nuclear Reactions?
D. B. Buehler, L. D. Hansen, S. E. Jones and L. B. Rees
Materials and Hydrogen Behavior
Hydrogen/Deuterium Concentration in Pd under Cathodic Polarization
M. Enyo
The ABC’s of the Hydrogen-Metal System
Y. Fukai
Some Observations Related to the Presence of Hydrogen and Deuterium in Palladium
D. R. Coupland, M. L. Doyle, J. W. Jenkins, J. H. F. Notton, R. J. Potter and D. T. Thompson
Deuterium Concentration Profiles and Crystallization Anomalies in Electrolytically Deuterated Titanium Plates
B. Escarpizo, J. F. Fernandez, F. Cuevas, J. Tornem and C. Sanchez
Theory and Modeling
Coherent and Semi-Coherent Neutron Transfer Reactions
P. L. Hagelstein
Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter
V. Romodanov, V. Savin, Ya. Skuratnik and Yu. Timofeev
Condensed Matter Effects for Cold and Hot Fusion
Y. E. Kim, M. Rabinowitz, R. A. Rice and J. -H. Yoon
New Hydrogen Energies in Specially Structured Dense Media: Capillary Chemistry and Capillary Fusion
J. -P. Vigier
Activity Review
Cold Fusion Researches in China – From Confirmation to Analyzing the Mechanism
X. Li
Cold Fusion Researches in Russia
V. Tsarev
Cold Fusion Research in Italy
F. Scaramuzzi
II Contributed Papers
Chapter I : Excess Heat
Study of Deuterium Charging in Palladium by the Electrolysis of Heavy Water: Search for Heat Excess and Nuclear Ashes
L. Bertalot, F. de Marco, A. de Ninno, A. La Barbera, F. Scaramuzzi, V. Violante and P. Zeppa
Cold Fusion Reaction Products and Behaviour of Deuterium Absorption in Pd Electrode
T. Mizuno, T. Akimoto, K. Azumi and M. Enyo
Observation of Excess Heat during Electrolysis of 1M LiOD in a Fuel Cell Type Closed Cell
N. Hasegawa, K. Kunimatsu, T. Ohi and T. Terasawa
On the Explosion in a Deuterium/Palladium Electrolytic System
X. Zhang, W. Zhang, D. Wang, S. Chen Y. Fu, D. Fan and W. Chen
Measurements of D /Pd and Excess Heat during Electrolysis of LiOD in a Fuel-Cell Type Closed Cell Using a Palladium Sheet Cathode
M. Kobayashi, N. [mai, N. Hasegawa A. Kubota and K. Kunimatsu
Anomalous Heat Generation/Absorption in Pd/Pd/LiOD /D20 /Pd Electrolysis System
C. M. Wan, S. K. Chen, C. Y. Liang, C. J. Linn, C. J. Linn, S. B. Chu and C. C. Wan
Periodically Current-Controlled Electrolysis of D20/Pd System for Excess Heat Production
H. Miyamaru and A. Takahashi
Some Lessons from 3 Years of Electrochemical Calorimetry
M. E. Melich and W. N. Hansen
A Potential Shuttle Mechanism for Charging Hydrogen Species into Metals in Hydride-Containing Molten Salt Systems
B, Y. Liaw and B. E. Liebert
Experiments Supporting the Transmission Resonance Model for Cold Fusion in Light Water: 1. Correlation of Isotopic and Elemental Evidence with Excess Heat
R. T. Bush and R. D. Eagleton
Experimental Studies Supporting the Transmission Resonance Model for Cold Fusion in Light Water: II Correlation of X-Ray Emission with Excess Power
R. T. Bush and R. D. Eagleton
Implications of Isoperibolic Electrode Calorimetry for Cold Fusion : The Silica Effect
E. E. Criddle
Excess Heat Production in Electrolysis of Potassium Carbonate Solution with Nickel Electrodes
R. Notoya and M. Enyo
Excess Heat Produced during Electrolysis of H20 on Ni, Au, Ag and Sn Electrodes in Alkaline Media
T. Ohmori and M. Enyo
Chapter II : Nuclear Products
Measurement of 2.5 MeV Neutron Emission from Ti / D and Pd / D Systems
M. Agnello, E. Botta, T. Bressani, D. Calvo, A. Feliciello, P. Gianotti, F. lazzi, C. Lamberti, B. Minetti and A. Zecchina
Evidence for Stimulated Emission of Neutrons in Deuterated Palladium
B. Stella, M. Corradi, F. Ferrarotto, V. Milone, F. Celani and A. Spallone
“Cold” Fusion in a Complex Cathode
Y. Arata and Y. -C. Zhang
Neutron Measurements in a AC-Discharged Tube
W. X. Liang, D. M. Xu, G. Y. Zhang, Z. L. Yao and E. Y. Wang
Anomalous Effects in Deuterium/Metal Systems
H. Q. Long, S. H. Sun, H. Q. Liu, R. S. Xie, X. W. Zhang and W. S. Zhang
The Anomalous Nuclear Effects Inducing by the Dynamic Low Pressure Gas Discharge in a Deuterium/Palladium System
H. Q. Long, R. S. Xie, S. H. Sun, H. Q. Liu, J. B. Gan, B. R. Chen, X. W. Zhang and W. S. Zhang
Neutron Monitoring on Cold Fusion Experiments
L. J. Yuan, C. M. Wan, C. Y. Liang and S. K. Chen
Neutron Emission from Palladium Electrodes in Deuterium Gas under Highly Non-uniform Electric Fiel [sic]
H. Yamada, N. Sugaya, T. Kamioka, M. Matsukawa, T. Fujiwara and K. Noto
Neutron Emission from Crushing Process of High Piezoelectric Matter in Deuterium Gas
T. Shirakawa, M. Chiba, M. Fujii, K. Sueki, S. Miyamoto, Y. Nakamitu, H. Toriumi, T. Uehara, H. Miura, T. Watanabe, K. Fukushima, T. Hirose, T. Seimiya and H. Nakahara
A Search for Fracture-Induced Nuclear Fusion in Some Deuterium-Loaded Materials
K. Watanabe, Y. Fukai, N. Niimura and O. Konno
Search for Excess Heat, Neutron Emission and Tritium Yield from Electrochemically Charged Palladium in D20
S. lsagawa, Y. Kanda and T. Suzuki
Measurement of Neutrons in Electrolysis at Low Temperature Range
M. Fujii, M. Chiba, K. Fukushima, M. Katada, T. Hirose, K. Kubo, H. Miura, S. Miyamoto, H. Nakahara, Y. Nakamitsu, T Seimiya, T. Shirakawa, K. Sueki, H. Toriumi, T. Uehara and T. Watanabe
Limit on Fast Neutrons from DD Fusion in Deuterized Pd by Means of Ge Detector
E. Choi, H. Ejiri and H. Ohsumi
Statistically Significant Increase in Neutron Counts for Palladium Plate Filled with Deuterons by Electrolysis
M. Fujiwara and K. Sakuta
Detection of Neutron and Thitium during Electrolysis of D2S04 – D20 Solution
O. Matsumoto, K. Kimura, Y. Saito, H. Uyama, T. Yaita, A. Yamaguchi and O. Suenaga
Production of Neutron and TI-itium from D20 Electrolysis with Palladium Cathode
G. Y. Fan, X. F. Wang, G. S. Huang, H. Y. Zhou, Z. E. Han, Z. D. Wu
The FERMI Apparatus and a Measurement of TI-itium Production in an Electrolytic Experiment
B. Stella, M. Alessio, M. Corradi, F. Croce, F. Ferrarotto, S. lmprota, N. lucci, V. Milone, G. Villoresi, F. Celani, A. Spallone
Time-Evolution of Tritium Concentration in the Electrolyte of Prolonged Cold Fusion Experiments and its Relation to the Ti Cathode Surface Treatment
J. Sevilla, B. Escarpizo, F. Fernandez, F. Cuevas and C. Sanchez
The Change of Tritium Concentration during the Electrolysis of D20 in Various Electrolytic Cells
K. -H. Lee and Y. -M. Kim
Comments on Methodology of Excess Tritium Determination
S. Szpak, P. A. Mosier-Boss and J. J. Smith
Fine Structure of the Charged Particle Bursts Induced by D20 Electrolysis
R. Taniguchi and T. Yamamoto
Measurement of Protons and Observation of the Change of Electrolysis Parameters in the Galvanostatic Electrolysis of the 0.1 M-LiOD/D20 Solution
S. Miyamoto, K. Sueki, H. lwai, M. Fujii, T. Shirakawa, H. Miura, T. Watanabe, H. Toriumi, T. Uehara, Y. Nakamitsu, M. Chiba, T. Hirose and H. Nakahara
Helium Isotopes from Deuterium Absorbed in LaNi5
H. Sakaguchi, G. Adachi and K. Nagao
The Detection of 4He in Ti-Cathode on Cold Fusion
Q. F. Zhang, Q. Q. Gou, Z. H. Zhu, B. L. Xio, J. M. Lou, F. S. Liu, J. X. S. , Y. G. Ning, H. Xie and Z. G. Wang
Real Time Measurements of the Energetic Charged Particles and the Loading Ratio (D/Pd)*
D. W. Mo, L. Zhang, B. X. Chen, Y. S. Liu, S. Y. Doing, M. Y. Yao, L. Y. Zhou, H. G. Huang, X. Z. Li, X. D. Shen, S. C. Wang, T. S. Kang and N. Z. Huang
Detection of Radioactive Emissions in the Electrolytic Deuteriding-Dedeuteriding Reactions of Pd and Ti
H. Uchida, Y. Hamada, Y. Matsumura and T. Hayashi
The Sensitizing Phenomenon of X-Ray Film in the Experiment of Metals Loaded with Deuterium
S. H. Chen, D. L. Wang, W. J. Chen, Y. J. Li, Y. B. Fu and X. W. Zhang
Phenomenon of Low Energy Emissions from Hydrogen/Deuterium Loaded Palladium
R. K. Rout, A. Shyam, M. Srinivasan and A. B. Garg
Electron Impact H-H and D-D Fusions in Molecules Embedded in Al
K. Kamada
Observations on the Biological Cold Fusion or the Biological Transmutation of Elements
H. Komaki
Chapter III : Materials and Hydrogen Behavior
TEM Investigation of Hydrogen Ordering in Pd
C. L. Hsu, C. M. Wan and F. -R. Chen
Hydrogen and Deuterium Absorption by Pd Cathode in a Fuel-Cell Type Closed Cell
A. Kubota, H. Akita, Y. Tsuchida, T. Saito, A. Kubota, N. Hasegawa, N. Imai, N. Hayakawa and K. Kunimatsu
Preparation of Pd Electrodes and Their Hydrogen Loading Ratios
T. Sana, T. Terasawa T. Ohi and S. Nezu
Absorption of Hydrogen into Palladium Foil Electrode: Effect of Thiourea
T. Nakata, Y. Tsuchida and K. Kunimatsu
In-Situ Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of Water Electrolysis at a Palladium Cathode
N. Oyama, N. Yamamoto and T. Tatsuma
A Role of Lithium for the Neutron Emission in Heavy Water Electrolysis
M. Nakada, T. Kusunoki, M. Okamoto and O. Odawara
Chapter IV : Theory and Modeling
Tunnel Disintegration and Neutron Emission Probability
T. Tani and Y. Kobayashi
Field Formation of the Condensed Matter Fusion by Electro-Transport of Deuterium in Palladium
M. Tamaki and K. Tasaka
The Combined Resonance Tunneling and Semi-Reasonance Level in Low Energy D-D Reaction
X. Z. Li, D. Z. Jin and L. Chang
Lawson Criterion Made Obsolete by Cold Fusion through the Double Screening Process
M. Rambaut
Fractofusion Mechanism
K. Yasui
Is Sono-Fusion to be a Possible Mechanism for Cold Fusion?
K. Fukushima
Review for “Nattoh” Model and Experimental Findings during Cold Fusion
T. Matsumoto
Thermodynamic Theory of Cold Nuclear Fusion (C. N. F)
Z. L. Zhang and S. I. Liu
Ion Band State Fusion
S. R. Chubb and T. A. Chubb
Solid State Boson Condensation Model of Cold Fusion
J. T. Waber
Mechanism of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Palladium
K. Tsuchiya, K. Ohashi and M. Fukuchi
A Mechanism for Cold Nuclear FUsion: Barrier Reduction by Screening under Transient Coherent Flow of Deuterium
N. Matsunami
Quantum Mechanics on Cold Fusion
N. Yabuuchi
A Physical Description of Cold Fusion
E. L. Ragland
Multilayer Thin Film Electrodes for Cold Fusion
C. H. Miley, J. U. Patel, J. Javedani, H. Hom, J. C. Kelly and J. Tompkins
Electrodeless, Multi-Megawatt Reactor for Room-Temperature, Lithium-6/Deuterium Nuclear Reactions
J. Drexler
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