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The table lists all abstracts, with the time of presentation or “poster.” Times are approximate, and the assignment of title is a best guess. My intention is to create a page for each title. As slides, notes, papers, and other documents or media become available, they will be shown on a page linked through the title.

(There is audio on Cold Fusion Now, for each day, for the speakers. The day index is at http://coldfusionnow.org/interviews/iccf21/ ) I have added a link to each audio file below, where available, the file links being provided by Ruby Carat.)


Afanasyev-Sergei-1 POSTER Cold fusion: superfluidity of deuterons
Alexandrov-Dimiter-1 Experiment and Theory Th 1:52 Nuclear fusion in solids – experiments and theory
Amini-Farzan-1 POSTER Warp Drive Hydro Model For Interactions Between Hydrogen and Nickel
Anderson-Paul-1 POSTER The SAFIRE Project – An overview
Barot-Shriji-1 POSTER Flow Calorimetry Design for Elevated Temperature Experiments with Deuterium
Beiting-Edward-1 Diverse Experiments Th 8:00 Investigation of the Nickel-Hydrogen Anomalous Heat Effect
Beiting-Edward-2 POSTER Generation of High-Temperature Samples and Calorimetric Measurement of Therma
Bergschneider-Matthew-1 POSTER Study of a Calorimety Apparatus utilizing Radiation based Heat Transfer
Biberian-Jean-Paul-1 Transmutations Tu 10:30 Anomalous Isotopic Composition of Silver in a Palladium Electrode
Blake-Russ-1 Theory Th 3:30 Understanding LENR Using QST
Blake-Russ-2 POSTER Further Foundations of Fusion
Bowen-NL-1 POSTER A Simple Calculation of the Inter-Nucleon Up-to-Down Quark Bond and its Implications for Nuclear Binding
Brink-Simon-1 Experiment and Theory Th 2:37 LENR Catalyst Identification Model
Celani-Francesco-1 Heat Measurements Tu 8:48 Steps to identification of main parameters for AHE generation in submicrometric materials: measurements by isoperibolic and air-flow calorimetry
Cook-Norman-1 Theory M 4:30 The “Renaissance” in Nuclear Physics: Low-energy nuclear reactions and transmutations
Czerski-Konrad-1 Ion Beams – Rydberg Matter Tu 1:30 Influence of Crystal Lattice Defects and the Threshiold Resonance on the Deuteron-Deuteron Reaction Rates at Room Temperature
Daggett-David_1 Heat Measurements Tu: 9:36 Positive Result of a Laser-Induced LENR Experiment
David-Fabrice-1 Instrumentation Th 11:37 Alternatives to Calorimetry
Dong-ZM-1 Diverse Experiments Th 8:48 Temperature Dependence of Excess Heat in Gas-Loading Experiments
Dubinko-Vladimir-1 Theory Tu 4:37 Chemical and Nuclear Catalysis Mediated by the Energy Localization in Hydrogenated Crytals and Quasicrystals
Egely-George-1 POSTER Electric Energy Generation by LENR
Egely-George-2 Old and New Experiments W 10:30 Changes of Isotope Ratios in Transmutations
Fomitchev-Zamilov-Max-1 Transmutations Tu 10:52 Synthesis of Lanthanides on Nickel Anode
Fomitchev-Zamilov-Max-2 POSTER Reliable Neutron and Gamma Radiation Detection
Forsley-Lawrence-1 Applications and Close F 10:52 Space Applications of a Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor
Fowler-Malcolm-1 Instrumentation Th 10:30 Development of a Sensitive Detection system for the Measurement of Trace Amounts of He4 in Deuterium or Hydrogen
fredericks-keith-1 POSTER Elliptical tracks and magnetic monopoles
Gibson-Martin-1 POSTER A Geometric Understanding of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in the Palladium-Deuterium Lattice
Gordon-Frank-1 POSTER Real-time Instrumentation and Digital Processing for LENR Characterization
Grimshaw-Thomas-1 POSTER Documentation and Archives of 29 Years of LENR Research by Dr. Edmund Storms
Gutzmann-Emma-GWU-1 POSTER Parametric experimental studies of Ni-H electrochemical cells
Hagelstein-Peter-1 Theory M 3:30 Statistical mechanics models for the PdH, and PdD, phase diagram with both O-site and T-site occupation
Hagelstein-Peter-2 Materials W 8:48 Phonon-mediated excitation transfer involving nuclear excitation
Hagelstein-Peter-3 POSTER Phonon-nuclear coupling matrix element for the low energy E1 transition in Ta-181 and applications
Hatt-Philippe-1 Theory Th 3:52 Cold Nuclear Transmutations Light Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy
Higgins-Bob-1 Instrumentation Th 10:52 Modeling and Simulation of a Gas Discharge LENR Prototype
Hioki_Tatsumi-1 Heat from NanoMaterials M 2:30 XRD and XAFS Analyses for Metal Nanocomposites Used in Anomalous Heat Effect Experiments
Imam-Ashraf-1 Materials W 9:12 Fabrication, Characterization, and Evaluation of Palladium-Born Alloys Use in LENR Experiments
Iwamura-Yasuhiro-1 Heat from NanoMaterials M 2:00 Anomalous Heat Effects Induced by Metal Nanocomposites and Hydrogen Gas
Kaal-Edo-1 POSTER The Structured Atom Model – SAM
Kasagi-Jiro-1 Instrumentation Th 11:15 Search for γ-ray radiation in NiCuZr nano-metals and H2 gas system generating large excess heat.
Katinsky-Steven-1 Introduction M 8:30 LEAP: The LENRIA Experiment and Analysis Program
Kitagawa-Yuta-1 Diverse Experiments Th 9:12 Direct Joule Heating of D-Loaded Bulk Pd Plates in Vaccum
Kornilova-Alla-1 POSTER Stimulation of LENR in Hydroborate Minerals Under the Action of Distant High-Frequency Thermal Waves
Kovacs-Andras-1 Experiment and Theory Th 2:15 Electron mediated nuclear chain reactions
Letts-Dennis-1 Heat Measurements M 10:30 Building and Testing a High Temperature Seebeck Calorimeter
Li-XZ-1 Theory Tu 3:30 Resonant Surface Capture Model
Lomax-Abd-ulRahman-1 POSTER Correlation and cold fusion
Lu-Gongxuan-1 Transmutations Tu 11:15 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and induced transmutation of potassium to calcium via low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) driven by visible light.
McCarthy-William-1 Old and New Experiments W 11:15 Light Hydrogen LENR in Copper Alloys
McKubre-Michael-1 Technical Perspective M 9:30 audio The Fleischmann-Pons heat and ancillary effects. What do we know, and why? How might we proceed?
Metzler-Florian-1 Old and New Experiments W 10:52 Observation of non-exponential decay of x-ray and γ lines from Co-57 on steel plates
Meulenberg-Andrew-1 Applications and Close F 11:15 Nuclear-waste remediation with femto-atoms and femto-molecules
Meyer-Jacob-1 POSTER On the Oxidation of Palladium
Miles-Melvin-1 Materials W 9:36 Excess Power Measurements For Palladium-Boron Cathodes
Miles-Melvin-2 POSTER Calorimetric Insights From Fleischmann Letters
Miles-Melvin-3 POSTER No Steady State For Open Isoperibolic Calorimetry
Miley-George-1 Heat Measurements M 11:30 Progress in Cluster Enabled LENR
Mizuno-Tadahiko-1 Heat Measurements M 11:00 Excess heat generation by simple treatment of reaction metal in hydrogen gas
Mosier-Boss-Pamela-1 Applications and Close F 10:30 Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor Using Pd/D Codeposition
Mosier-Boss-Pamela-2 POSTER Overview of Pd/D Co-deposition
Nee-Han-1 Materials W 8:24 Lattice Confinement of Hydrogen in FCC Metals for Fusion Reaction
Nikitin-Aleksander-1 Transmutations Tu 11:37 Impact of Effective Microorganisms on the Activity of 137Cs in Soil from the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl NPP
Olafsson-Sveinn-1 Ion Beams – Rydberg Matter Tu 1:52 What is Rydberg Matter and Ultra-Dense Hydrogen?
Olafsson-Sveinn-2 POSTER Adler-Bill-Jakiw anomaly in electroweak interactions, the 3p+  3L* process and links to spontaneous UHD decay and transmutation process
Olafsson-Sveinn-3 POSTER Volcanism in Iceland, Cold fusion and Rydberg matter
Olafsson-Sveinn-4 POSTER Conductivity of Rydberg matter
Olafsson-Sveinn-5 POSTER Rydberg matter experimental setup in Iceland
Paillet-Jean Luc-1 Theory Tu 3:52 On highly relativistic deep electrons
Papadatos-Gabriel-GWU-1 POSTER Electrical, thermal and chemical simulations of Ni-H electrochemical cells
Plekhanov-VG-1 POSTER A possible signature of neutron quarks – lepton interaction in solids
Prevenslik-Thomas-2 POSTER X-ray emission in LENR by Zero Point Energy or simple QED?
Ramarao-Prahlada-1 Diverse Experiments Th 8:24 Observation of Excess Heat in Nickel – LAH System
Roarty-Brian-1 Old and New Experiments W 11:37 A Method to Initiate an LENR Reaction in an Aqueous Solution
Ruer-Jacques-1 POSTER Chemical Heat Generation in LENR
Scholkmann-Felix-GWU-1 POSTER Complex current fluctuations in Ni-H electrochemical experiments: Characterization using non-liner signal analysis
Seccombe-Dana-1 Experiences F 9:30 Experience with Semiconductor Technology Development Potentially Relevant to LENR
Staker-Michael-1 Heat Measurements Tu 9:12 Coupled Calorimetry and Resistivity Measurements, in Conjunction with an Emended and More Complete Phase Diagram of the Palladium – Isotopic Hydrogen System
Stevenson-Cheryl-1 Theory Tu 4:15 Isotope Effects beyond the Electromagnetic Force: 1H and 2H in Palladium Exhibiting LENR
Storms-Edmund-1 Experiences F 8:00 The enthalpy of formation of PdH as a function of H/Pd atom ratio and treatment
Storms-Edmund-2 Materials W 8:00 The Loading and Deloading Behavior of Palladium Hydride
Storms-Edmund-3 POSTER The strange behavior of catalysts made from Pd or Pt applied to Al2O3
Stringham-Roger-1 Diverse Experiments Th 9:36 Investigation of Cavitation Effects Related to LENR
Stringham-Roger-2 POSTER A Deuteron Plasma Driven to Neutrality and 4He
Swartz-Mitchell-1 Heat Measurements Tu 8:24 Aqueous and Nanostructured CF/LANR Systems Each Have Two Electrically Driven Modes
Swartz-Mitchell-2 Experiences F 9:00 Excess Heat is Linked to Deuterium Loss in an Aqueous Nickel CF/LANR System
Takahashi-Akito-1 Heat from NanoMaterials M 1:30 Research Status of Nano-Metal Hydrogen Energy
Tanabe-Katsuaki-1 Theory Th 4:15 Plasmonic Field Enhancement on Planar Metal Surfaces
Tanzella-Fran-1 Heat Measurements Tu 8:00 Nanosecond Pulse Stimulation in the Ni-H2 System.
Tarassenko-Gennadiy-1 POSTER The Mechanism of Formation of LENR in Earth’s Crust
Vysotskii-Vladimir-1 Experiment and Theory Th 1:30 Using the Method of Coherent Correlated States for Realization of Nuclear Interaction of Slow Particles with Crystals and Molecules
Vysotskii-Vladimir-2 Theory M 3:50 Effective LENR in Weakly Ionized Gas Under the Action of Optimal Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Lightning (Theory and Experiments)
Vysotskii-Vladimir-3 POSTER Generation and Registration of Undamped Temperature Waves at Large Distance in LENR Related Experiments
Vysotskii-Vladimir-4 POSTER Controlled transmutation of Na, P and Mn to Fe isotopes in D2O and H2O during growth of yeast Saccharomyces cerevesiae
Whitehouse-Harper-1 POSTER Electrochemical Immittance and Transfer-function Spectroscopy applied to LENR
Wood-Ryan Ion Beams – Rydberg Matter Tu 12:37 Joseph Papp Nobel Gas Engine Shows Early LENR?
Yoshimura-Toshihiko-1 Theory Th 4:37 Estimation of bubble fusion requirements during high-pressure, high-temperature cavitation
Zeiner-Gundersen-Sindre-1 Ion Beams – Rydberg Matter Tu 12:15 Hydrogen reactor for Rydberg Matter and Ultra Dense Hydrogen, a replication of Leif Holmid
Zeiner-Gundersen-Sindre-2 POSTER Distance dependency of spontaneous decay signal from ultra dense hydrogen source
Zeiner-Gundersen-Sindre-3 POSTER Pulse shape and PMT stabilization period from spontaneous signal from a ultra dense hydrogen source
Zhang-Hang-1 POSTER Experimental on hydrogen carrying metal glow discharge
Ziehm-Erik-1 POSTER Detecting Charged Particles in LENR Applications using CR-39
Zuppero-Anthony-1 POSTER Electron Quasiparticle Catalysis of Nuclear Reactions
Zuppero-Anthony-2 Theory M 4:10 Transmutations by Heavy Electron Catalysis

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