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Monday 9 September 2019

08:30 Collis Opening Address / video
09:00 McKubre Thirty Years On. p25 / video
09:30 Nagel Comparison of the Theoretical Results of Kálmán and Keszthelyi with LENR Experimental Results p39 / video
10:00 Vysotskii V Distant behind-screen generation, X-Ray stimulation and LENR action of undamped heat waves p69 / video

Moderator: Steve Katinsky
11:00 Rothwell Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel p47 / video
11:30 Grimshaw LENR Research Documentation Initiative: Progress in Methods and Participants p11 / video
12:00 Ruer How LENR can change the World p23 / video
12:30 Bannister The limits to growth: the intersection of energy and economics. p26 / video

Moderator: Nataliya Famina
14:30 Celani Progress understanding LENR-AHE effects, using thin, long Constantan wires p42 / video
15:00 Ruer Basics of air flow calorimetry p58 / video
15:30 Greenyer Nickel-hydrogen heat generator continuously working for 7 months p76 / video

Moderator: Yasuhiro Iwamura
16:30 Takahashi Latest Progress in Research on AHE and Circumstantial Nuclear Evidence by Interaction of Nano-Metal and H(D)-Gas p9 / video
17:00 Kasagi Possible radiation from thin film metal surface with anomalous excess heat: Can we observe hot spots or Bremsstrahlung? p10 / video
17:30 Dubinko Nuclear Fusion of Hydrogen Isotopes Induced by the Phason Flips in Pd and Ni Nanoclusters p13 / video

Tuesday 10 September

Moderator: Michael McKubre
08:00 Hagelstein Recent Progress on Phonon Coupling Models p31 / video
08:30 Kovacs The Zitterbewegung Orbit of Electrons p48 / video
09:00 Konagaya Development of weak cold-fusion engine (Fusine) assisted by molecular chemical reaction: p15 / video
09:30 Kobayashi Quasi-stability theory with multi-dimensional Taylor expansion: revealing transmutation of atoms in cold fusion p19 / video
10:00 Konagaya Supercomputer simulation and experiment clarifying the maximum level of focusing compression due to pulsed supermulti-jets colliding: in weak cold-fusion engine (Fusine) p14 / video

Moderator: Vladimir Dubinko
11:00 Rusetskii Investigation LENR Processes in Condensed Matter on the HELIS Setup – Overview and Prospects p20 / video
11:30 Carpinteri Earthquake neutrons and Earth-Crust LENR: From seismic precursors to Geochemistry evolution p24 / video
12:00 Metzler Observations of delocalized gamma emission from Co-57/Fe-57 samples during application of mechanical stress p32 / video
12:30 Forbes Initial report on low-energy ion beam experiments with various metal targets p33 / video

Wednesday 11 September

Moderator: Jacques Ruer
08:00 Nagel The LENRIA Experiment and Analysis Program (LEAP) p38 / video
08:30 Paillet Highly relativistic deep electrons and the Dirac equation p86 / video
09:00 Garai Physical Model for Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions p28 / video
09:30 Jaitner Condensed Plasmoids – The Nuclear Active Environment in LENR p45 / video
10:00 Fredericks Elliptical tracks: evidence for superluminal electrons? p84 / video

Moderator: Fran Tanzella
11:00 Swartz Pulsing Sideband at 327.37 MHz May Herald Movements within an Active Loaded PdD Lattice p83 / video
11:30 Huang BJ Excess Energy from a Vapor Compression System p75 / video
12:00 Stankovic Nuclear Transmutation with Carbon and Oxyhydrogen Plasma p43 / video
12:30 Uchikoshi Laser Condensed-Matter Fusion Experiments p35 / video

Moderator: Florian Mezler
16:30 Klimov Power Balance in Water Plasma Reactor p50 / video
17:00 Vysotskii V (a) Periodic structure of Fe-Mn geology crusts with isotopic anomalies of self-controlled global biostimulated isotope transmutation in oceans and lakes (b) The possible role of LENR in dentistry p68 / video

Thursday 12 September

Moderator: Mathieu Valat
08:00 Kaal Nuclear Transmutation and Mass Defect explained with the Structured Atom Model (SAM) p62 / video
08:30 Bowen The Electromagnetic Considerations of the Nuclear Force p87 / video
09:00 Hatt Cold Nuclear Transmutations Light Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy p55 / video
09:30 Collis An Empirical Global Calculator of Atomic Masses p74 / video
10:00 Vysotskii V Anomalous LENR effects and its justification based on the method of coherent correlated states p65 / video

Moderator: David Nagel
11:00 Tanzella Mass Flow Calorimetry in Brillouin’s Reactor p41 / video
11:30 Roggeri Opportunities and aid from the European community for the development of scientific cooperation projects p40 / video
12:00 Mastromatteo LENR evidences experimenting with hydrogen and deuterium loading in thin palladium films p21 / video
12:30 Iwamura Excess Energy Generation using a Nano-sized Multilayer Metal Composite and Hydrogen Gas p54 / video

Moderator: Fabrice Davide
14:30 Klimov Review of the Proceedings of the 25th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning p51 / video
15:00 Albertini 228Th, 63Ni, 57Co: 3 anomalous decays suggesting the feasibility of radionuclide neutralization p59 / video
15:30 Klimova Thermal Energy Release in a Swirl Heterogeneous Reactor at Pulsed Repetitive Electrical Discharge p52 / video

Moderator: Jean Luc Paillet
16:30 Vysotskii M Formation, evolution, collapse and application of correlated packets in LENR experiments p66 / video
17:00 Swartz Superhyperfine Structure of the Deuteron Line Emission from Active ZrO2PdD Heralds an FCC Vacancy p80 / video
17:30 Bowen Primary and Secondary Reactions in a LENR with a Li Electrolyte Solution p53 / video

Friday 13 September

Moderator: Dan Szumski
08:00 Alexandrov Cold nuclear fusion in lithium compound alloy p73 / video
08:30 Seccombe Phonon Assisted Nuclear Fusion Mode p34 / video
09:00 Swartz Atomic Deuterium in Active LANR Systems Produces 327.37 MHz Superhyperfine RF Maser Emission p81 / video
09:30 Huang C Temperature Dependence of Maximum Excess Power in 3 New Experiments (Letts, Parkhomov, & Mizuno) p60 / video
10:00 Swartz Buoyant heat transport can produce unreliable estimates of heat generation p82 / video

Moderator: William Collis
11:00 Ruer Experimental setup to detect hydrinos p22 / video

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