This page will link to a cold fusion bibliography intended to be complete. Please comment below if you find any documents missing. Links to copies or reviews will also be added to our bibliographies. The core source for this is the effort (current link to the complete version), created originally by Ed Storms for his own use, and expanded and maintained by Jed Rothwell. In addition, we are integrating the Britz bibliography (which will retain its distinctive character, but will be more easily accessible, i.e., will be in more universal file formats, sortable and analyzable with readily-available tools.

The listings include a sequence number at the beginning, showing 4465 documents. This will change as more documents are added in alphabetical order of first author last name. As well, there are duplicate names in the bibliography, where a different form of the name was used. Where possible, these will be cleaned up so that all papers by a single author will be found together. Cross-references for other authors will be created.

As well. only hosts papers with specific author permission, i.e., “opt-in.” If it’s published, we may host it under fair use, and authors may replace a copy with a note; we will also negotiate as needed with publishers, but as “opt-out”, as allowed by U.S. law for nonprofit activity.

Bibliography A-C
Bibliography D-H
Bibliography I-L
Bibliography M-O
Bibliography P-S
Bibliography T-Z

DOWNLOAD links are to copies. Where papers have been published in proceedings or in the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, has links to the full volume. We have or are obtaining local copies of the split papers, and these are being added as links to “local.” (These will generally be much smaller files).

See also Britz cold fusion bibliography This references and links to a bibliography of papers in mainstream peer-reviewed journals or academic publications, compiled by skeptical/neutral Dieter Britz until 2017. Please notify us of any newer publications in such journals.

The Britz bibliography as pdf.

The fuller database as a text file, BibTex format: papers.txt. Translated to a tab-delimited spreadsheet with some modifications: Britz.txt.



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