Subpage of anglo-pyramidologist/darryl-l-smith/skeptic-from-britain/comment-trolling/ There has been extensive trolling comment on Dr. Kendrick’s blog, see Comment trolling. Some of these comments used the names of RationalWiki users, and this had happened before with comments here, so this is an established Darryl Smith behavior. I have always held as a possibility that it was a troll, sowing … Continue reading “Verifier”

The ultimate pseudoscience

Materialism and spiritualism, both, if presented as “scientific.”Which would then lead us to the ultimate: a belief that our experience is real, and, as, in addition, that our interpretations of it are meaningful. The Landmark Forum proposes setting the second part of this aside. They have warned that what they are going to say is … Continue reading “The ultimate pseudoscience”


subpage of anglo-pyramidologist/darryl-l-smith/skeptic-from-britain/ One of the long-term traits of Darryl Smith has been the creation of impersonation socks. A remarkable one showed up on Dr Kendrick’s blog, with these comments: Simon Derricut January 16, 2019 at 9:19 pm This statin denialism thing is not science. This is why Dr. Kendrick and his associates are confined to … Continue reading “Impersonations”

Statin denialism

Statin denialism (current version) is a RationalWiki article created by Darryl L. Smith, as User:John66 (Contributions) continuing a campaign against skepticism of mainstream concepts, ironic for a site supposedly dedicated to critical thinking. This was a continuation of the editing of Skeptic from Britain. This article confuses skepticism of the role of cholesterol in heart … Continue reading “Statin denialism”

Other wikis

Wrongpedia Encyclopedia Dramatica Introduction This is a list of links to the contributions of other wikis with accounts suspected to be an Anglo Pyramidologist, i.e., either Oliver D. or Darryl L. Smith. Because many of these accounts have few edits, and because of possible of impersonation (frequently claimed by the Smiths, though generally unlikely except … Continue reading “Other wikis”

Comments from the target

There are two comments from the page supra, from the person alleged by apparent socks of “Skeptic from Britain,” who had claimed, in his “goodbye” on Wikipedia that he had been outed by real name, and, aside from what I wrote later, he had not been named, but someone else was, thus he was confirming, … Continue reading “Comments from the target”

Bibliography M-O

Subpage of Bibliography 2435. Ma, Y.L., H.X. Yang, and X.X. Dai, A theoretical study of the possibility of cold nuclear fusion in condensed matter. Nucl. Fusion Plasma Phys., 1992. 12: p. 171 (in Chinese). First Author: Ma, Y. L. All Authors: Ma, Y. L., Yang, H. X., Dai, X. X. Keywords: theory, screening 2436. Ma, … Continue reading “Bibliography M-O”

Bibliography A-C

This is a copy of the complete bibliography, as of August 29, 2018. Comments (below) and error corrections are invited. Complete Bibliography 1. Developments in Electrochemistry – Science Inspired by Martin Fleischmann, ed. D. Pletcher, Z.Q. Tian, and D.E.G. Williams. 2014: Wiley. First Author: All Authors: Keywords: 2. Abbenseth, R. and H. Wipf, Thermal … Continue reading “Bibliography A-C”

Yes, Virgina, there is a cabal

A link to this was posted here, and I didn’t see it until recently. By itself, this is only a rant of a disturbed fanatic skeptic, who is known to lie, but there are breadcrumbs, pieces that fit together over time, and this comment caused the picture to pop into view. I wrote in 2009, … Continue reading “Yes, Virgina, there is a cabal”

Cross-platform socking

On Encyclopedia Dramatica (archive for article on Rome Viharo), I came across a mention of a Reddit discussion. The extent Rome has been harassed is debatable since most of his website deals with allegations that cannot be proven, but Oliver is known to have created an  attack blog on him and has used over 9,000 sockpuppets on reddit to post … Continue reading “Cross-platform socking”

Podcast with Ruby Carat

Yay Ruby! Abd ul-Rahman Lomax on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast She interviews me about the lawsuit, Rossi v. Darden. Reminds me I need to organize all that information, but the Docket is here. Wikipedians, that is all primary source (legal documents), so it can only be used with editorial consensus, for bare and attributed … Continue reading “Podcast with Ruby Carat”


Working page, in process. List of accounts Largewarhammer Leftwing_Guy NemeanOdes List of impersonation accounts (likely)   Details for accounts: Largewarhammer (metawiki contributions) first edits to Forum, revision-deleted by Billinghurst. Acknowledges being Oliver D. Smith. — archive copy. Interacts with Michaeldsuarez. — archive copy. (ODS has acknowledged that he was ZaFrumi in an email to me (published on … Continue reading “New”

Rimuru Tempest

If you are reading this on an archive site, be sure to check the original URL for updates, corrections, and retractions. This user, like all of the users listed on the parent page, RationalWiki/Anglo Pyramidologist/Supporters and enablers, is not suspected of being a sock in the “AngloPyramidologist family,” which is two real persons, twin brothers, … Continue reading “Rimuru Tempest”

Going dark on a topic

(May 2, 2018) This is obsolete. Some pages are still hidden, being reviewed before being re-opened. The content here has been misrepresented elsewhere. Simple documentation has been called “attack.” If we are attacked by reality, we are in big trouble no matter what others say!) I have been documenting the Anglo Pyramidologist sock puppetry and … Continue reading “Going dark on a topic”


Update April 23, 2019 This page was old, there has been recent Reddit activity. See the subpages reddit/claims-of-libel-and-harassment/ reddit/self-admitted-troll/ reddit/list-of-lies-and-smears/ a specific example, examined in detail reddit/trollsocks/ huge list trollsocking 2019 September (and on) (very large list of trollsocks) above continued in in 2020. reddit/WOVigilant Wikipediocracy’s favorite troll froths at the mouth on Reddit, supported by … Continue reading “Reddit”


Readymade/Bicycle wheel/Sophie Wilder If you see this on an archive site, be sure to check the original URL for updates, corrections, retractions, etc. This is a subpage of rationalwiki/anglo-pyramidologist/supporters-and-enablers/, about the RationalWiki account Readymade, formerly Bicycle Wheel, renamed from Sophie Wilder. I discovered confirmation of gender, looking at this account’s history. What I write below shows … Continue reading “Readymade”

Supporters and enablers

Oliver and Darryl Smith (“Anglo Pyramidologist” and see RationalWiki/Anglo Pyramidologist) would not be able to use or abuse RationalWiki as they have without the the support or enabling of some active in that community. The RationalWiki community was always difficult. It was what one might expect from a collection of rowdy “skeptical” teenagers, though some were … Continue reading “Supporters and enablers”


If you see this page on an archive site, be sure to check the original URL. It may have been updated and errors corrected. I have also promised Smith (and anyone, actually) that if they are described here in a way that they find objectionable, they may submit error corrections and also may submit a … Continue reading “Complaints”

Shooting the messenger

I came across this today on Rationalwiki, on the Chicken Coop, RationalWiki’s central “dispute resolution page.” It was a particularly good example of site bias shooting the messenger. A man with millions of accounts here (many which are admin) is creating articles with doxxing to harass his personal enemies. He loses them immediately with “millions … Continue reading “Shooting the messenger”