Authentic Oliver on RWW

I happened to look at RW Talk:Abd ul-Rahman Lomax and found this: RWW I made an article on him. (font used does not copy to this blog, this was RW user Bigs) 01:27, 21 May 2018 (UTC) The problem is he will probably now show up there on accounts & complain to wikia. He spends … Continue reading “Authentic Oliver on RWW”

Oliver here

The title of this page is the section title created by Schizophrenic, for Talk:Rome Viharo, in response to a comment that was allegedly from Viharo (but that may have been an impersonation, I have not checked with Viharo). The edits creating this section were (much later) hidden, but not the content. (and archived) Schizophrenic was responding … Continue reading “Oliver here”

Darryl L. Smith

If you see this page on an internet archive, it may have been updated and errors corrected. Always check the current version of archived pages! subpage of anglo-pyramidologist Oliver D. Smith has claimed to have a brother, and I found rumors that this was a twin. There is apparently a directory or public record listing page, … Continue reading “Darryl L. Smith”

6 [Wikimedia-l] WMF political activism, yet… benjaminikuta 9 hours ago 0 0 This is an NOT an Abd sock ABD-LOMAX 1 day ago 21 0 75 year old banned Wikipedia troll Abd Lomax is spamming this board on sock-puppets [deleted] 1 day ago 2 0 Mikemikev Michael Coombs latest racist Twitter sock found … Continue reading “”

Association with Bad Actors

There has been a persistent effort to link me (Abd) to various alleged Bad Actors. I’ll address some of these here. As a general rule, reporting fact is not “defending” something that the fact might support. “Defending” is an intention, generally implying that what it might support is “okay” or “good” or “tolerable.” That implication … Continue reading “Association with Bad Actors”

2020 January

There are claims that this site is a “honey pot” and dangerous. If anyone has evidence of malware or other problems with this site, please contact me, my Reddit account may be used for PM u/Abdlomax Subpage of reddit See data for the last four months of 2019. Smith/throwaway Reddit trollsock activity continued in 2020. … Continue reading “2020 January”


  From comments here: You were recently discussing your lawsuit on Reddit with Vigilant so I want to offer a few thoughts. I am not one of your defendants but I have been following this. While the lawsuit was mentioned, there was little discussion there. In regard to your lawsuit none aof your other defendants … Continue reading “Comments”


subpage of reddit/ WOVigilant is a Reddit account of Wikipediocracy’s Vigilant. The WPO account (that can only be seen by members), “Witchsmeller Pursuivant” shows 19043 posts, about 1 in 14 posts there are his. He registered early there, Mar 29, 2012; his Wikipedia Review account is also member-only. It was nowhere near as large a … Continue reading “WOVigilant”

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Copied from Re: ED eats itself (again) by Abd » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:36 am ericbarbour wrote: Daniel Brandt wrote:PS: found on the TJC, a fresh new example of Oliver Smith and Mikemikev screaming at each other. Ugh. Get a room, you idiotos. I’d noticed Oliver’s contributions as Evil, restoring the only mention of “Abd ul-Rahman … Continue reading “Encyclopedia Dramatica”

cross-wiki timing

subpage of anglo-pyramidologist/trollsocks/ Merge of RatWiki trollsock timing, John66 edits, and Cold Fusion Community wiki IP troll timings. 16:49, 31 October 2019 John66 last of 2-day extensive editing, 14 edits. 16:57, 31 October 2019 [redacted] (contribs) was created (name, old Darryl target) 16:59, 31 October 2019 18:04, 31 October 2019 18:05, 31 October 2019 18:08, 31 October … Continue reading “cross-wiki timing”


This is an incomplete compilation of apparent Smith socks over the last year attacking Emil Kirkegaard, since Oliver Smith posted a tweet with a list of topics. It also includes throwaways involved that might not be a Smith brother. But many are obviously Smith. Kirkegaard on Reddit is u/Deleetdk There are a number of hits … Continue reading “Kirkegaard”

Discordant claims

This particular post, obviously Smith, is dense with claims, immediately verifiable as deceptive. Nowhere5557 0 points 00:39:08 GMT What the evidence actually shows is you rushing to discord within the last 12 hours, asking another moderator to retract/remove incriminating posts after they were mentioned here; the conversation you’ve copied isn’t the full discussion. I did … Continue reading “Discordant claims”


October 1, 2019, a rash of trollsocks appeared on RatWiki, some may be considered impersonations. The targets: Smith targets. It’s clear to me that Karlin has been impersonated. I suspected it when I saw the account names, these were classic Smith trolling. However, what nailed it for me: the copying and spamming of text from … Continue reading “Trollsocks”


Abd Lomax blocked socking again on RationalWiki [removed] but can still be seen, text below 13:01:57 14 Sept 2019 GreenTreesBlue 13:07:15 14 Sept 2019 callduty1981 The text of that post, since it is now removed on Reddit: Abd Lomax blocked socking again on RationalWiki 12:50, 14 September 2019 Oxyaena (talk | contribs) blocked Abominable (talk … Continue reading “GreenTreesBlue”

2019 September 2

Reddit Trollsocks Contents A thread with extensive participation. Throwaways Real people (as known) commenting Other regular redditors Totals in Sept 2 thread. (to be updated) Other throwaways in WikiInAction Other subreddits December2019 December31-2019 (where the Smith trolls support a long-term troll, Vigilant from Wikipediocracy.)   . . . mostly Smith brothers. Two accounts are clearly … Continue reading “2019 September 2”

Reddit/2019 September

Abdlomax 1 point·just now ageofempires858585 throwaway account, very likely Oliver D. Smith, since nobody else would care. Smith has made this claim about that page before. Notice that he is not specific. He mentions “antifa accounts,” but he confuses account name with a claim of political affiliation. The page is a list of alleged Mikemikev socks, taken … Continue reading “Reddit/2019 September”

RWW list of Mikemikev socks

This is a list of accounts alleged to be socks of Michael Coombs (Mikemikev), by Oliver D Smith, on RationalWikiWiki, archived here. Some background: When a highly motivated user is blocked, the creation of socks, especially on RationalWiki, is to be expected. It is to some extent encouraged there. The identification of socks by the … Continue reading “RWW list of Mikemikev socks”


If reading this on an archive site, check the original URL for updates. Studying alleged Mikemikev socks, I came across Saxton. This account looked like Oliver Smith, but there were some oddities. Then I found some material that had been deleted, which is copied here. This material appeared to reveal Saxton as Oliver without any … Continue reading “Saxton”